Welp, I guess such stuff is allowed; otherwise we wouldn’t see such horrible, terrible, yet hilarious smut online.

First, I noticed that men’s clothing seem tighter than necessary. I don’t like micro fiber material. I guess such styles are good for ballerina guys.

Second, these sickos need to realize their lies – boys will be boys and girls will be girls. It’s that simple, not unless they are crazy and stupid.

Third, in CATHOLIC church we do that sending YOUR ENERGY shit. How? When the priest calls up the Communion Ministers, parishioners are invited to ‘bless’ these volunteers with their right hand palm things. I do both but strangely with my thumb and index together. So I won’t being that ‘energy transference’ anymore!

By the way, I could find a good definition for the acronym of the word: LGBTFUKO. Also, I can indeed see the SRA on the face of child in the photograph. I do NOT know how these smiling adults exist to continue such familial programmings.

I’m so numb to such tolerable intolerances, such as Respondent who presented herself within fifty yards in our front yard on or about 0815 am, after I rep-arked my Mustang.

As for the satanic sigils tattooed on the creature’s arms, the photo is too blurry. Why would any guy lower himself to a standard meant for women? Did he loose his balls?

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