Well, long ago during the open forum days among those crystallized warriors of all sorts, I wondered about Constantine.

Lo and behold! After removing my subscriptions from YouTube, the Matrix has strategically placed this video – one of many – into my are Recommended list.

I guess I’ll rent or buy the movie and learn more about my assignments and other players in this Matrix.

Yesterday en route to choir rehearsal last night, a reddish kitten ran outta in front of Dad’s Benz. I had to stop and signal left to prevent the huge SUV on left not to run it over.

Sad to say, I left the scene disgusted. I waited at the next stoplight intersection to go back and see if kitty survived the traffic. But it was nowhere.

Do NOT ever place another living creature before my path, lest it’s your own life? Understand? Stop it.

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  1. Yet ANOTHER of many reasons why we kept Miracle and still keep Breezy indoors. Too many outside dangers. No wonder he just showed up two years ago as a stray. Poor boy needed a home where he could be safe and loved, as he very much is.

    I hope that little kitty made it out of there safely.


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