Dear diary,

I had a good night’s sleep after retiring to bed earlier. At around three o’clock in the morning or so, I awoke and felt refreshed. As a creature of habit, I went straight to the computer to update the bank account balances. Yup. We’re good – Dad and I, who is still under and unemployed, despite receiving sporadic advertisement from real estate agents to sell our PAID-OFF house, which would probably rented out during my golden years and/or after Dad passes – just to survive living in Silicon Valley and next door to a psycho.

Anyway, I thought donating my car and laptop computer would help a family. Nope. No more. After receiving no response for my HP laptop computer, which I’m trading in to BestBuy for $170.00. I’m also junking an LG widescreen monitor, another monitor with its matching HP desktop tower, and a busted WD external hard drive, which mysteriously refused to work. The older Seagate external hard drive is still functional. A Samsung T3 is the newest hard drive and it’s not working with this MacBook Pro.

So today will be busy as there will be no adult choir. The children’s choir will be doing this morning’s gig. I really do NOT care. After this year’s gig with the choir and SJSC, I may just stop participating. I’m NOT interested in hanging out with humanz, whom I can sense as being aloof or rather problematic with their own immediate spheres of ‘life’.

Das Squirrel seemed to have returned to his usual self. After about two weeks of sleeping in Mom’s old bed and two weeks into her burial, he seemed to have returned, nay, never changed. But today he will Kindly deliver grocery as Dad refused to buy food to fill the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. I have lost five pounds and plan to loose more pounds to feel like a model and beautiful as a wraith.

It’s almost an hour and the HP is still Restting this PC 11%! It’s NOT worth using a Windows OS. I’m grateful that Das Squirrel has suggested Apple products. I’m NOT going back to any other OS, unless he suggests something else new. He knows stuff and sometimes if I don’t listen to Dad or him, stuff seems to go awry.

This is how I spend my life. Yesterday, the whole of Saturday, was spent sending out Mom’s thank you cards. I had to print each personalized script onto each card. I’m too lazy to use hand-written text. Dad’s handwriting is deteriorating and mine is fairs no better. And so I applied my personalized address label, which is an easy peel, and their mailing labels, which I had to print on Friday using Avery 5160/8160 using the MS Word document app for macOS.

Now the percentage moved up to 13% in a few minutes of typing. I may return to bed and wait until FOREVER, before donating stuff. No one wants my choral music. As a matter of fact, I’m dumping whatever music I have on file. I really need to clean house in order to move forward and maybe free up the rooms for renting. It’s the only way to survive though we were NEVER used to having the commotion of noisy humanz or guests over for too long.


Flynn B waiting, now up to 15% of resetting this PC.

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