Dear diary,

Today and for almost ALL days since the beginning of this year, we’ve been doing lots of errands! I love driving and driving the elderly.

As usual, my insomnia has been affecting my health. I’m able to get two hours of sleep before waking up to go pee. Then sometimes I’d go back to bed and get four hours straight sleep, unaided and without antihistamine and its sedative effects.

Besides the allergic-like symptoms brought about by grieving and the sad, salty tears cleaning out my dirty and clogged tear ducts, I’m able to function within normal parameters.

Typically, my Dad would wake up early in the morning and come downstairs to recharge his SMALL flip phone and then I’d see the green charge light and unhook it. He’d come downstairs again sometime around nine or ten o’clock in the morning, depending on the schedule.

Today, we managed to eat breakfast and went outta the door around 10:30 pm. I had called the local “charity cars for kids” a half hour earlier and verified that they were accepting cars and are on site from nine to five. I hurried Dad to finish his breakfast.

And he was compliant recently or else he’s be left behind. Actually, I needed a ride back home. And so he followed me slowly along the back roads, exited into NB HWY 101 and proceeded to take the next exit into the location.

Kelly the administration was on board to help me sign and date the paperworks. I entered the time of 11:08 am. She made photo copies afterwards. I rattled on that I wanted to make sure the children benefit from my old car and gave the old fart a hug.

She unloaded whatever donation I had in the trunk for the car and explained each item. So Dad and I bade her goodbye and took off to visit Mom’s gravesite, where we usually say prayers and within five minutes leave to do more errands.

I was gagging from my thick mucous and her the stuff inside my mouth until I was at home and inside the bathroom and hovering over the bathroom sink to spit, rinse, and clear our my mouth, nasal passages and what-snots!

So at 1345 P,  after eating lunch – the last cooked leftover from Mom’s meat stuff from the garage freezer – and after washing and drying the dishes, I called my auto insurance and they canceled my stuff. They will send the notice after they process their stuff.

Currently, Dad is working in the yard due to our hiding from that nutty wealthy Chinese parishioner who was born and raised and spoke Filipino. She would attend the Tuesday noontime mass, which Dad and I will skip weekly.

So Dad has failed waking up early enough and getting ready fast enough for the eight o’clock mass at our local church and so we decided to attend the noontime mass held in a mother location ten minutes away for Mondays, Wednesday through Friday. Saturday is free and Sunday is my choir mass.

Yeah, so I donated my laptop, two monitors, and a WD My Book external drive two days ago and got $170.oo for my laptop as a gift card. And today, I received my replacement monitor – a refurbished LG 22D4KA-B. It’s smaller than the 28″ monitor and a space saver, too

I was going to us the electric blower to dust the messy yard work since coming home from Mom’s ordeal. But I’ll set up this stuff first, wait for lunch to digest and hit my system and take no more than thirty minutes to clean up the yards – front and back.

I usually dust the window (sills), which now sports the denizens of spiders, an auspicious sign that nature is cleaning up bugs and other critters. I try NOT to vacuum or kill spiders or even earwigs as they add to the natural stuff created by God.


Flynn B feeling better but still mourning and grieving although I do NOT know the word definitions and differences between the two words.

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