Dear diary,

I’ve been waking up every two hours to pee. But with the blessed antihistamine, I was able to sleep still at least two hours to four.

Once again, there is no day when Dad and I are constantly on the move and/or road doing errands.

Today we awoke early. I was on the phone with a technical support to help troubleshoot the http status error on a stamps.com webpage viewed via the Safari app. The issues still persist.

So after disconnecting from the remote support, Dad and I took off for his blood work. Last night, I spent about one hour of entering Dad’s data and making his appointment today at 8:15 am via the quest diagnostics website.

We got lost because the evil Google lady had 115 on its Apple mapping system while the piece of paper showed 155, which I had on my smartphone but relied also on the incorrect website data! So this artificial intelligence is a failure as demonstrated in my weblog complaints.

There were two electronic devices to sign in for those who walk in versus for those who have an appointment. That went easily as I continue to struggle with my iPhone to retrieve the email containing the confirmation code.

That was accomplished within one minute of the appointment. But because Dad was a new patient, the phlebotomist had to enter his information into THEIR system, though I would readily assume that last night’s registration would have bypassed the delay of ten minutes!

Once again this is another example in which artificial intelligence has failed to smooth the process of checking in the human patients.

After another ten minutes, Dad and I had time to eat breakfast at McD, where I used my Apple Pay for the very first time. I simply hovered my iPhone over the payment device, double clicked the right button and while the Face ID confirmed my identity, and waited for our receipt.

This method by far reduced the struggle of Dad pulling out his wallet, fumbling for his favorite credit card, and have him sign the damn receipt. I’m so grateful in this area for the advanced technology. For that I won’t complain.

However the Face ID is also a failure as it’s accuracy is too scary. When I got my new iPhone, Das Squirrel ordered a $0.99 app for White Noise, for listening at night. This noise making app helped my troubled and grieving mind fall asleep.

So while I sat slightly beyond his arm length, he managed to purchase this smartphone app with my Face ID! Anyone can open any iPhone on a dead owner’s face!

And then there may be talks about the upcoming fingerprints for accessing the smartphones. Once again, one can use the dead owner’s filthy fingerprints for accessing stuff.

While I like these advanced technology, security is still lacking because of the above-mentioned issues are still NOT fixed. I’m disappointed. I’m still hopeful.

I’m still blogging in private mode and the cat loving twosome can read my stuff and can share the stuff among themselves.

Now it’s 0939 am and we’re waiting for Dad getting routine chest X-ray. There is no appointment necessary and so we’re waiting what seems like forever.

Next we will visit Mom and attend noontime mass. But I think we need to get Dad’s morning medication.


FLYNN B is spending too much on technology.

3 thoughts on “20180913-0917-Stuff

  1. The face recognition stuff is an EPIC FAIL. Rob is getting mistaken for Ty Bollinger on FB regarding their facial recognition. Rob is a dark skinned Puerto Rican man and Ty Bollinger is a very tall WHITE man. And even if they were the same skin tone, their features are NOTHING alike. Ty Bollinger is also the producer of The Truth About Cancer (TTAC), The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) (Playing NOW!), and The Truth About Pet Cancer (TTAPC). Bahahaha!

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    1. Gasp! This morning I was thinking of getting a flu shot to ward off coughing SPELLS resulting from the tickling itchiness of post nasal drips located mostly inside the deviated left septum and after getting a sore throat while ‘grieving’ and inhaling malodorous breaths of sympathizers three weeks ago.

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      1. No way! Flu vaccines contain loads of mercury (thimerosal), aluminum, Polysorbate 80 and a host of other nasty stuff.

        Here are the ingredients to ALL of the vaccines…
        And when you look at each ingredient, you will realize that NONE of these belong in the human body period.

        And here are the inserts for all vaccines from two sites…
        When you get bored and want to do some reading, you can research this and especially check out all the listed ADVERSE REACTIONS. No Russian Roulette for me. Nuh Uh, no way!

        Remember, our bodies are the temple for the Holy Spirit. You can even pull up the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from the SDS / MSDS Database Search – Safety Data Sheets Library… https://www.msdsonline.com/msds-search/

        And our favorite surfer (Ahem!) has talked about the things in vaccines are put there to drive out the Holy Spirit, by mingling our blood, DNA, etc… with the blood of unclean animals, turning us into hybrids. And he used the word “Chimera”.

        Here’s how I ward off flu, colds, etc… as in last week I had a low fever off and on. So I drink my daily Lugols in water along with my first meal of the day. Lugols iodine is an antiseptic, as in anti-SEPIS. I also upped my Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) up to 10 grams, which flushed whatever out. In a gelatin capsule, I put a couple of drops of oregano, cassia, and thyme) and take with meals. After that last vitamin C colon blow, the fever stopped. I used sage essential oil AND tea to dry up any mucus, etc… And the tea is soothing for the throat.

        And for all the toxins that accompany flu and colds, activatec charcoal capsules (2 or 3) will bind to the toxins and they will move out. Old time medical definitions for the word “virus” is POISON, ala Jim Novax O’Kelly’s research, which I post alot of on my blog. And you can’t vaccinate against a poison anyway, even if vaccines work, which they never have. Once people realize this one thing, that throw out the total “herd immunity” BS. There is no such thing as vaccine-induced herd immunity. There never was.

        Okay, this comment will also be my commentary on the episode about flu vaccines on TTAV. Bahahaha!

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