Dear diary,

I’m praying for guidance and directions. Once again, I don’t hear or see well, which is why I wear hearing aides and bi-focal eyeglasses. And so I imagined cleaning out the house so more in case I have to rent it out for income, since no one wants to hire this old fart for over twenty years.

So I’m researching online where to donate my stuff. Two days ago, since I’ve not received an email reply TWICE from the dsj.org music whoever, I junked my THREE three-ringed binders of loose choral sheet music to our local library via a depository by friends of donation located inside a public garage.

So now I found another non-profit location for home improvement stuff! I’ll encourage Dad to hunk his crap too as I recall a widow whose husband had tools which she too donated. I’m NOT so happy owning stuff that I don’t really use.

As a result, I believe in renting (like tools and rooms), leasing (like my iPhone), and buying refurbished stuff from open-boxes. This is how I manage stuff, which is why my parents and I don’t find pleasure dining out because that lifestyle is so freaking expensive.

So when I wanted to donate my car and computer, they are in good, NOT fair or poor working condition for safety. They are used and loved but an excess of luxury goods. I’m a creature of habit and tend to hoard stuff that’s not wanted or needed.

And since I donated my two old monitors and one desktop tower and laptop, I went ahead and ordered a 22MD4KA-B for Mac only. To my dumb luck, my MacBook Air isn’t compatible because it lacks that freaking USB-C port! And even with an adapter, which is a REVERSED compatibility, the laptop’s Thunderbolt 2.0 won’t power the damn 21.5 inch LG monitor!

So if our spiritual surfer is authorized to accept my MacBook Air (early release 2014), I’d like to junk, err, donate this junk, err, laptop to the boys. I got it from ‘them’ a few months ago for $300, even after I purchase my HP Envy on January 2017!

So I don’t know if de-authorizing my junk, err, laptop would help. But in my SELFISH mind I thought I was helping ‘them’ bu being generous but in effect I was offending God by NOT listening to STOP interfering and NOT helping myself and probably stealing time from my parents by not working.

So yeah today I’ll clean up the tools and paints and other materials. It’s a fine day. Yesterday was crispy clear blue skies until new recruits were allowed back into Heaven as popcorn clouds.


FLYNN B wondering if this Matrix is mocking our existence.

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  1. The MAC Book would be a great gift for him and the boys. I still have an XP desktop and a Win 2000 desktop, but they both have some quirks. And I still have my Win 7, which I will keep. But if anyone wants the XP and/or Win 2000, I could let those go. Rob wants to hoard them for backup, but I want to get them out of here. He also has a brand new Win 7 desktop that his daughter sent him, but he can’t get it started up. If I was in total charge, all of it would be out of here! I want to give my daughter my desktop XP, as she has used XP before and liked it. She uses an iPhone for her internet. I prefer computers (laptops or desktops) for my things, since I have to upload and download lots of documents, graphics, DJ mixes, and otter.

    As a matter of fact, Rob has some clothes too small for him, and I’d like to donate those to the boys too. Shipping stuff is a pain in the butt, but is do-able.

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    • Yeah, the thoughts are honorable. However, my nagging thoughts has been indicating an annoyance that unwanted stuff should NOT be imposed upon anyone who did NOT request stuff. I was told to save the old computers as backups but my 1TB external hard drive is all I need. The 4TB died on me.


      • I would be SERIOUSLY upset if any of our backups died. I’m talking YEARS of data, files, and whatnot. And the word I used in original comment was supposed to be OTHER, instead of OTTER. This gas lighting auto correct has got to go to the abyss.

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        • Sometimes we have to let go of stuff, much like human hair shredding and vacuuming up cat fur. Years of backups and no one would really care except the few hardcore followers. I’m thinking our fat thumbs are to blame for these misspelled words.

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