Angels are closer than you think

I’m almost finished hearing the video.

I’m learning about assignments, healing, and warfare.

I don’t hear the voice of God and don’t see angels. But I can sense presence, such as Mom who was probably sitting to my right in the front most pew behind the electric piano during her Rosary service.

do feel pressure on my body many times. Last night I applied DG’s government grade blood zapper upon my fleshy sickness. I knew I was being oppressed with a possessive spirit.

Upon placing the battery powered device, I felt my being vibrating and ordered healing of fleshy body and removal of unwanted spirits.

I knew my coughs were SPELLS and ordered its return. And so it’s 20180915-0900, and I’m currently pooping. So far my coughing SPELLS have disappeared.

So with this advanced technology, I am grateful. With MM’s suggestions of health remedies such as boosting Vitamin C, I’m healed. Alleluia and praise the Lawd Gawd.

Oh and as Mom was passing, I would take photos and would see and sense her darkened eyeballs. But during her day of passing, I prayed for her safe passage to His portal. That’s why her favorite son, my younger brother received a vision of love – a Goku-like light surrounding Mom.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are getting better. 😀 The Vitamin C does make on poop and now my bowel tolerance is up, I can take the 10 grams of it without the runs, pretty much. Ingri told me of an IV Vitamin C therapy near us, which is 25 grams of it. Her current husband isn’t doing as well as he should, so she is starting that for him, and it’s only $80 per session and also the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is $50 per session, so that’s $120 weekly for him.

    Episode 4 of The Truth About Vaccines has just started and I will be posting it on my blog soon with my own commentary of alternatives, since tonight’s episode is about the flu vaccine. Episode 4: “Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity”. Anyway, here is the link that goes direct to Ep 4, bypassing the email having to sign up.

    This whole series was saved on web archive with options of free download:
    I have no idea who put it up there, but so many folks need the information. I disagree with Toni Bark about some of what she said, because the flu vaccine has NEVER protected anyone. This series is trying to look at both sides (pro and anti), as in being neutral, and I am HARDCORE ANTI-VACCINE to the millionth degree. Because I have read ALL the inserts and ingredients, besides the fact that vaccines killed my husband’s 4-month old grandson back in 2001.

    Regarding our assigned angels, I just told mine about one of my affiliate commissions that was paid and the people overpaid me by alot, and I told them and said, I know y’all are watching, and as much as I would love to keep that extra $$$$, I will have to return the excess back to the sender to be sent to the correct affiliate, and that I know they are always watching and recording stuff like that. My daughter just moved as her husband got a promotion in another state, and it put them behind again, and I would so love to help get her caught up. She is depressed and having trouble finding a job in the new state, and her previous job was a good one. Her husband’s company is always promoting and moving him around and it just throws her for a loop. And of course, would love to help our favorite surfer some more too. And speaking of that, I am so thankful that you have been helping him and the family too. So, thank you for being there for him too. 🙂

    Okay, have to go sort this affiliate stuff out and waiting for them to direct me on fixing their mistake.

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    • Typo: The sentence “The Vitamin C does make on poop and now my bowel tolerance is up, I can take the 10 grams of it without the runs, pretty much.” is supposed to be read as, “The Vitamin C does make ONE poop and now my bowel tolerance is up, I can take the 10 grams of it without the runs, pretty much.”

      Auto-correct is most definitely a trolling gaslighter. lol

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      • Gaslight has been added to my vocabulary. I think our rushed activities allow us to make typographical mistakes and those are signs for us to SLOW down and make sure if what we’re sharing online is worth the educational material. I’d like to blame artificial intelligence and inanimate objects to “the errors of my ways”. But everything points back to the user, I’m afraid. And no, it’s not a Mandela Effect either.

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    • I’m taking 1000mg of Vitamin C daily by Nature Made via our local store. I need the runs as I do tend to forget to rehydrate and as such I would feel pain on the lower right side of my back and get cramps in my lower extremities.

      And I think we’re all being experimented on. Dad’s new PCP said that one in one million could face the risk of myopathy or some sort of risk from death. And I’ve observed that the medical professionals seem callous or insensitive as if they separate their emotions or sentiments away from dealing with instead of curing, err, healing their patients.

      And yes, as Dad continues to remind unto moi: Life is what you make it. And bravo to you MM for being honest! Because we do write our book of life as we exist and with angels recording stuff to present to God for review.

      And you’re welcome. While I’d like to think doing a good deed may warrant some sort of merit, it’s a selfish endeavor. Because other young souls need to help that family and your daughter, too. But my nagging thought has been directing me to: Stop it and mind my own business. Somehow that alternate sense makes me more peaceful until I start receiving that worrisome feeling from inside me.

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  2. When I get a bad feeling about something, I act upon it. And usually I get some sort of confirmation later on regarding the feeling. We are here to help others. Anything unwanted can always be passed on to someone who needs it. Unfortunately, in this day and time, $$$ are what is needed. Even when that mistake by the company is fixed, at least there will be enough of what the original payment would be to pass on to my daughter. There are many things that I need, but yet, I can go longer without whatever. They need to fix their overdraft bank account, before overdraft fees (USURY) starts piling up.

    All this stuff that is happening to all of us in this world is unnecessary. If it’s supposed to be teaching us patience or karma, or whatever, it isn’t. It’s just stressing people out and pissing everyone off. There are much better and less stressful ways of teaching lessons to people.

    The vitamin C I use, is NutriBiotics, which thankfully, is NOT sourced from China. It’s sodium ascorbate, and the brand that Dr. Suzanne Humphries recommends.

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    • I could add more of my twisted stuff to the comments but I noticed that I’m going nowhere, much like blogging aloud. All I could do is roll along the best way possible and not worry anymore. Regarding have lots on your plate, I guess going on a diet to avoid work overload. But thanks for commenting as always it’s good to hear from you. Yup.

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      • The thing is that these people who own the companies and produce these summits and docu-series are always the same group of people in each one. Each one has their own thing, but yet, it’s always the same group. They all promote each other’s summits and docu-series and are also affiliates under each other, and whatnot. So they need a master calendar, and better scheduling. It’s one after another with no let up, and/or several going at the same time. BAM BAM BAM BAM! You would think that they would at least consult with each other and say, I will promote mine at this time, and you can do yours at this time. In addition to slamming all of us affiliates, they too, are slamming each other because they are affiliates too. Plus these higher ups, have office staff to do their promoting and such, so the owners do not personally do the promoting. Us unpopular affiliates, have to do it ALL by ourselves, and their audience and ours are getting slammed constantly. I have turned down so many of them too. I’d like to have 5 minutes to chill sometimes.

        I have yet to hear from Chris as I need to send his excess monies back ASAP. Only $117 belongs to me. The rest is theirs. You’d think they’d be scrambling to figure out where the excess went. My husband is concerned and is trying to find a phone # for them to sort it out. Maybe his office staff needs to go on a diet, or lay off the fluoride, vaccines and get away from 5G, which something has obviously fried someone’s brain to make a HUGE mistake like that. Bahaha


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