Dear diary,

I’m crying again as I’m touched by the noble gesture of Das Squirrel, who promised Mom that he’d take care of Dad and me. He bought us six HUGE bagels and Korean beef stuff.

Dad and I don’t care to eat, though we are forcing ourselves to enjoy leftovers lasting for many days. We don’t mind recycling the same mystery meat until finished and then we cook another batch lasting days.

Dad hasn’t eaten his fill of steamed white rice. I’m forcing myself to eat and then binging for fear of being swollen. I don’t wanna get sick either and figured just ‘fasting’ by reducing calories would do the trick.

Today, Dad and I donated more stuff – old hard cover books from 1971,1972, and 1973 and a bunch of Mom’s old prayer book, booklets and cards. The parking inside the garage is fill but there are two more stories, I think.

Yesterday, Dad and I donated to the Habitat for Humanity, which is closest to us. We managed to donate an old tool, and two computer accessories, one of which was already bought and paid for by a Mexican couple after thirty minutes of coming back for our second batch of stuff, which included only the Costco foldable, drying rack for sweaters and cloths. But we’re not going back because they are good in refusing to take old stuff that they cannot seem to sell, like an old pickax with its broken hardwood handle

So we went to the Goodwill and managed to unload the two HUGE plastic reclining chair (green and cream) and its orange cushions, two aluminum beach chairs – two with and two without dual cup holders, one old aluminum cart used for shopping at the old Berryessa Flea Market. We came back with four aluminum barstools with four brown circular cushions and four foldable freaking HARDWOOD tables and its storage stand, which we outfitted with lots of aluminum brackets as extra braces.

Now the area near the entry door from the garage is wide open and spacious. I may continue cleaning our the garage and/or the master bedroom closet, which is full of Christmas, Halloween, and health-related products.

Each day I try to keep Dad busy with errands. But he is fast getting too slow. He didn’t inherit too much dementia but I’m already feeling the effects, though almost twenty years younger. It’s in the DNA, I’m afraid and while I still can remember and enjoy stuff, I’m junking as much as possible. This is similar to what our favorite surfer did – only he made a bonfire.


Flynn B swollen with fat and junk in her trunk and closets, too.

3 thoughts on “20180916-1822-Stuff

  1. I have LOADS of stuff to give away, and even bigger LOAD of crap to THROW AWAY, like Rob’s hoarding of papers, and stuff that does NOT contribute to our survival. I need one of those barrel burner thingies, to take crap outside and just have a bonfire too.

    I have stuff too big for me now, as I have lost inches and weight due to going longer (ketogenesis) without a meal and even some times skipping dinner. I would have a smoothie or just something to drink instead

    The Fascia Blaster is whittling away those inches and that redundant fat in places un-needed. The good result is a smaller size, for sure. But my skin has to catch up, as redundant skin sucks. Ingri found us an IV Vitamin C place, nearby, and at $80 a session. I found the hyperbaric oxygen chamber nearby, and she finds the IV Vitamin C place. They also do IV minerals and other vitamins as well, and since I feel zapped of energy anymore, I’m going to be having a few of those too. After two years of begging hubby to buy the Youngevity minerals/vitamins, he finally ordered some. I’ve been taking this and that separately, but this will be easier and so far, the products are still CLEAN.

    I am sending the bigger clothes to my daughter, since she has a larger bone structure than I do. It’s just a matter of having 5 MINUTES to get it all gathered up.

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    1. Yay! Maybe I can come over and help discretely shred Rob’s paperwork and loose weight hauling the mess away. Hilarious how some humanz refuse to let go. The idea is to enjoy stuff for awhile, let it go, and then enjoy getting the ‘high’ of buying new stuff, which is supposed to help the economy. Regards to your daughter, too.

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      1. Oh Hell yeah! We would have a blast burning this crap! And I have some extra unsed fascia blasters you can use too. 😀

        I have a massage table, a WBV, a Chi Machine, Massage Cupping, Microdermabrasion machine, a couple of ultrasound things (one for heating up subcutaneous fat, the other for pain and promoting bone growh as in LIPUS), Easy Curves, Carole Maggio face exercises), a vintage 70s Weider Body Shaper exercise thingy, a 70s sunlamp (for vitamin D) and a bunch of other health and beauty stuff. THE WORKS!

        We can have fun burning some junk and rejoice, and then we can go clean up and beautify ourselves. YEE HAW!

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