Dear diary,

Welp, I’ve decided that my eyesight isn’t fairing too well with the small 13″ laptop screen. And while I’m waiting to pickup by twenty dollar overpriced USB C hub tomorrow, I’ve decided to keep my MacBook Air and us it for viewing YouTube videos while blogging on my new MacBook Pro! I think that will work!

Once again, this is how I stay away from insanity for the past twenty years of being under and unemployed – computers. Without computers and without WordPress.com, I’m forced to deal with reality, which is going outdoors and enjoying nature and actually talking to humans and listening to their crapload of stories that I won’t recall.

Poor, Dad! He’s been trying to converse with me and I’m forced to learn to get along! See? This is how spiritual assignments are supposed to work – get the raw deal that keeps the victim, err, human subject, err, beloved in its place and outta trouble. That’s how I see it.

Because if I tried to hang out with friends and being that I’m REALLY gullible, I’d might be on the other side of the fence. Real easy. Just like what happened to Das Squirrel. Idiot got a tattoo because he thinks that binds his to his cultural identity and plus he was thinking about getting one for a while. Oh, well. I believe that is what is called freewill.

Like Obama, I use the first personal to convey my message. I try to avoid using the third person who are merely actors with different masks and archetype and the second person is really a reflection of the first person. So while I sound dumb down to blogging in the first person, it’s easier that way instead of writing stories from someone else’s perspective.

Yeah, so I know y’all are reading my blogs. Yeah, that’s right the two cat lovers. I do NOT trust my weblog being publicized. Not just yet, though I’ve been popping the settings between private mode and public indexing mode. I cannot make up my mind. I really do NOT care. I just blog without thinking. Oops. My bad. I forget others may read my stuff. How inconsiderate of me!

Anyway, I received my request to cancel the auto insurance and that took effect one day after I phoned in my request. So that was two days after donating my car. Really, I feel lighter having to get rid of my stuff that others may benefit. I threw in a lunch bag, a foldable grocery trunk bag, a cellphone holder, a sunshield, an emergency blanket, and other such stuff as K&N air filter restoring products.

So now that things are really winding down. I’ve a feeling I’ll be working again. But I really wanna clean out the house. There are too many memories and junk that others may benefit. The only stuff I know own are the computers. That’s it! I got rid of my car and that’s it, besides the clothes on my back (Made by Mom), of course. The rest were bought and paid for by my parents. None of this stuff belongs to me! It’s all on paper.

And speaking of paper, I cannot afford to retrieve the structure and lot in my name. I cannot pursue it because Dad doesn’t have anything to do with that side of Mom’s family. There are two other ‘real assets’ that I can sell but I would rather have Dad’s signature on the papers before he passes. Other than that, I’m gonna have to buy my service and design my monument and ledger next to Mom. Dad is next to Mom, too.

I’m done. I don’t care. I’m just floating along until whenever and whatever happens. And I can sense y’all are watching and reading my stuff. Unfreaking incredible. It’s almost like I cannot escape my own thoughts – fleeting thought it wert. Now dang it, I’m gonna scan more of today’s mail and shred more stuff.


Flynn B trying to keep busy despite winding down.

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