Till Death do us part

Till Death do us part

— Read on gastradamus.wordpress.com/2018/08/29/till-death-do-us-part/

20180917-1823. Yup. Fine words until reality checks in as either the two most stressful life changing events for humanz: death and divorce.

Another reason why the Lawd Gawd spared me from experiencing profound hurt feelings of a loved one leaving. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Till Death do us part

  1. I know, right? Something always in the back of our minds, knowing that any thing could happen at any time. Watched my own mom’s heart break, when my dad passed 21 years before she passed. We have the aging curse, the death curse, and sometimes I wonder why be created in the first place? Sigh.

    When I get that “5 minutes”, I want to write out a well thought out commentary about the aging curse, regarding the causes, spiritual and physical. It will be an opinion piece, so to speak, of my observations only.

    I was asked to speak on a Blog talk radio show by another well-known activist in another state. The subject picked was not my bag, and I said my fav thing is anti-aging, so since that dream I had a month or so ago is still fresh in my mind, I will use that dream as an outline. And I already have some notes ready, but need more organization. Due to my constant cranial misalignments and other physical structural stuff, my speaking is not clear and concise as I would like and do not have the strong resonance in my voice as Robert does. At some point I am going to be checked for lip ties and see if that will help my enunciation. I actually prefer to blog and get my point across and let whomever come across it.

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    1. In response (but NEVER my last words in reply to your comments DADDJ), I was dwelling on the curses of aging and death and I figured that we are allowed the opportunity to experience our personalized human meat sack and hope for subsequent forms that may be better and more improved depending on our karmic debt. While I cannot fully feel for your injuries sustained during your childhood, I pray for your relief. For I got the blessings of forceps due to my HUGE cranial structure and wouldn’t come outta Mom. And so I may have suffered facial and/or nerve related damages. I could never seem to smile correctly. Sigh.

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      1. Oh, you have a BEAUTIFUL smile, from what pics I have seen of you over the years. If I had the beautiful teeth like yours, I’d be the happiest woman alive! Speaking of cranial misalignments, I have NCR beginning Monday, so it’s on the road tomorrow. Rob and I both bought a bunch of supplements and essential oils for the duration, since we both will be eating light the whole time. I just did a liver/gallbladder flush last night, and I’m still feeling yucky from it, but once the rolling stones concert commences, I’ll start feeling better when those gallstones start coming out.

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