Dear Lawd Gawd,

I’ve sinned! Please forgive me! I’m kinda getting pissed at my life and lifestyle as I’m no better off then and now. I’m also not doing well in private mode and may have to set my weblog to public mode again because I refuse to be lost, stolen and forgotten! I can see that the stats are really only triggered by at least three humans. The rest may be computerized bots spamming and trolling my blog.

And to boot, I have decided to upload a short ten second video into my YouTube account. I don’t believe in long video clips because I’ll end up using up my allotted space in the clouds. Remember I love archiving my stuff though I’ll never be able to care or remember stuff as I grow older with dementia.

For the two cat lovers who may know my whereabouts, y’all can hear me singing (asthmatically) while playing on my new digital piano keyboard. I forgot but I think I’ve set the pre-set tune to number 107 for Church Organ 1.

Oh, yeah. I’m planning to upload more of my cantering as a form of outlet to my boring lifestyle and as practice to hear how horrible and terrible an amateur can sound if NOT in perfect pitch and tempo.

So that is how I spend my lifestyle – YouTube. I watch lots of YouTube and have subscribed to YouTube Premium, like some postings and then removing the likes, and then record myself and hear how congested and untrained I sound. The talented musicians don’t need notes and can recite their stuff to the notes with perfect pitch!

Anyway, Mister Mel the disabled Lutino parakeet is dying. He was throwing up yesterday and today, after letting him play with the two baby parakeets. He might have triggered his leg injury, eaten rotten salad, ingested contaminated cropped food from the baby girl and/or food dish, or terrorized by my grabbing him.

But he is still perching mysteriously tonight after sleeping off and on on the bottom tray of his small cage of white and purple – Bugsy’s old cage. So I told him that if he want to live in his body that he needs to eat, which he did for only for a little bit. His liver is probably failing as the poop is oily and not solidly formed with the usual white and greenish consistency. I wish him well. I hope Mom takes care of all our parakeets and friends in heaven.

Yeah, so I’m still the same angry snappy person toward Dad, who doesn’t understand the concept of time alone. Dad won’t stop yakking and is giving me a headache. So I end up passing out in the afternoon just to get away from him. It’s his karma for running upstairs and hiding from Mom. Now I’ll do the same to him. Evil Kitty approves.

Das Squirrel got his second tattoo done. And the bottom design has some meaning to the word ‘journey’ or what looks like water waves with hooks. I like tattoos and don’t mind those on humans as they don’t seem to care if their temple is decorated for fanciful imaginations, such as cultural or heretical stuff.

I’m supposed to be clearing out stuff. But what ends up happening, I’m hoarding, meaning I can’t let go of stuff on the premise that I might need the stuff later on. I wanna get rid of gifts but that might come in useful as recyclable gifts to others deserving of what they recycled from their closet, such as Mikasa stuff.

I’ve NOT decided what else I could do while stuck in this human form and doing human stuff. I could only drive Dad and then go home to help prepare, NOT cook, food by baking, boiling, or microwaving. My goal is to cook up the remaining expired dry ingredients such as noodles and pasta, which I did for lunch – Alfredo with Penne noodles.

I know how to cook but I don’t care to eat anymore, though I am snacking on dried flaky pastry bits. These comfort foods help to sustain my ‘life’ as I don’t care to do anything else except what I’m used to doing – blogging, ranting, donating, and sleeping. Maybe I should get back to work and help myself. But Dad said it’s okay. I’m spoiled actually. And that’s sad.


Flynn B sinning, grieving, eating, sleeping, ranting and raving.


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  1. I pretty much like my life and lifestyle, but it’s this inferior body I got stuck in. When people say I don’t love myself, it’s a false statement, because I LOVE my soul. The body is what I dislike. It’s like you do NOT put souls like ours into bodies like these. And be stuck with a hateful family, which does NOT help me to grow, but just pisses me off.

    Okay, I gotta hunt down your youtube video now. Would love to hear your singing.

    I love Alfredo, but can’t do the noodles. When we go to Olive Garden, I will order straight Alfredo sauce, without noodles. Hehe.

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