Second session showing the lower section of tattoo with Filipino and Polynesian designs from today.

I’m thinking about getting a crucifix – 3D with scrollwork and lots of curly stuff. But then I don’t like the pain. Ugh.

14 thoughts on “20180921-2251-Stuff

  1. Hello Flynn,

    Wow! I am not one who would want a tattoo probably and I often do not like tattoos on people (especially on women, a cultural thing I guess, but oddly I do like to see tattoos but on paper et cetera instead of skin usually but they work on skin sometimes), but that actually looks pretty good and like maybe the color and style will possibly last better than many tattoo styles / colors.

    Thank you for sharing,
    -John Jr

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    1. The tattoo artist said that the dark colors are vegetable-based, which shouldn’t cause allergies; while the colored dyes may contain some traces of metal materials. I would often think that getting tattoos are good for those who really can afford such artwork and definitely have their hearts set on modify their bodies. I wonder if ear piecing of little girls would count as body mods. Thanks for commenting, John Jr.

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      1. Hello Flynn,

        Cool, if that is true, then that is even better.

        I think that ear piercing probably count as body modification, but I could be wrong.

        Today I got my probably final test eyeglasses frame, the brown frame has some issues, and so the black frame with gold trim (https://www.zennioptical.com/p/plastic-square-eyeglass-frames-/20193?skuId=2019321) is currently winning.

        I know we talked about transition lenses before but this is the description for these frames:

        “With this square frame, value and style go hand-in-hand. The light and flexible, medium-wide frame works both as bold glasses or sleek sunglasses.”

        I have heard people recommend picking frames that can also work as sunglasses if you ever consider getting transition lenses.

        Since this is one of those frames is it possibly that they might not get the usual unfashionable / creepy reaction?

        You are welcome, and thank you for replying.

        -John Jr

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        1. Yay! I like that black frame with gold textured trimmings. If you get at least a very slight (permanent) tint for added effects of sunglasses, then maybe this frame might be good for transition lenses. The reason I mentioned the creepiness behind transition lenses is based on my small frames. Had my frames been wider, then maybe transition lenses might work.

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          1. Hello Flynn,

            Two frames ago I had my first frame with a permanent tint, I had 10% gray tint which helped with glares but it made things 10% darker in low-light settings, which was not too bad but still made things a bit harder in those situations; and a co-worker made a slightly negative comment / joke about them, nothing too bad, but still something to make note of.

            Now you have me curious about whether a frame like this would pass your creepiness test if you got to try one. 😀

            I just wonder should I give the $30 transition lenses in gray if my final choice is a frame that can also work as sunglasses?

            -John Jr


          2. Well, I don’t the like the creepiness of sunglasses or transition lenses as that may seem like someone is trying to hide something or just being a fashionable insectoid wearing frames. If you happen to be outdoors a lot, you may opt for a separate pair of sunglasses. But if you still need something with prescription to see, then you might consider getting a transition lenses for $30, which is the going price for that added feature.

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          1. Honestly, to predict the outcome of selecting frames with or without transition lenses is difficult until you receive the final product. But once you do, I hope for the best. That or looking like a Burt Reynolds with creepy sunglasses with various colored tints and shades came to my small mind.

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          2. That’s the problem with online dating, err, shopping for eyewear. You won’t know what you are getting! At least at a retail store, you get to try on a pair and then at least ‘feel’ versus ‘look’ for yourself if that frame is worth the cost.

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