Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now! I have discovered the WordPress desktop app, downloaded and accessed it to publish this blog!

I actually put the new Authy.com tool to good used and entered my authentication information to access my weblog account.

How did you find out, Flynn? Are you slow and dim-witted? Yes, my minions. I have sinned. I ask God forgiveness. Amen.

For a while, I’ve been using the Safari web browser and used the ‘Favorites’ link to access my WordPress weblog account.

Lo and behold, I was clicking around my WordPress dashboard and doing admin stuff, and I’ve discovered two three things:

  1. That PayPal can be used as a Payment method prior to checking out an upgrade plan, which I’ll probably do so despite being poor. I sent them a generic email via the question mark circular icon located on the lower right hand corner of my WordPress window when I discovered (too late) the WordPress article to the effect.
  2. I sent another generic email to them regarding why my old smart phone device is showing up via the ‘Notification Settings’ section of my WordPress dashboard. My concern is that stuff is being sent to this old smart phone device. So I had a difficult time re-checking and updating the notification boxes for the Bell, Email, and iPhone.
  3. Although the Apple App Store does NOT carry the WordPress app, I clicked around my dashboard and discovered ‘wordpress.com/me/get-apps’ which directed me to ‘apps.wordpress.com/d/osx/?ref=getapps’. Then after I logged outta the favorite link page, I got ‘wordpress.com/?apppromo’. How cool is that? So for MacBook user, y’all can download the desktop app.

Now, maybe my blogging experience will be better or maybe just about the same. This is what happens when someone like me is under and unemployed.

I’ve taken two Senna and one Ducosate to help relieve me prior to tomorrow’s singing gig. I find that I cannot inhale deep enough to power up my singing voice, if my stomach and guts are full of stuff. I don’t always take laxatives as that ruins the natural flow and dependency is avoidable.

And by the way, I love America. I was born and raised as an American and a Catholic and in a military family. And I find America and whatever remains of its democracy still bearable.

Disclaimer: So for the new and old followers, y’all are actually being tracked and monitored (by the government rather silently in the public background). However, I noticed that my suspicious nature is the ACTUAL reversal of this current reality. So, I’d recommend y’all use your discernment abilities and basically ignore my personal stuff. Brouhaha.


Flynn B who has verified her personal information into WordPress with confidence that ‘they’ too won’t succumb to ‘them’. (It’s a convoluted world and all y’all can do is ‘roll with it baby’ and/or fight back.)

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