A Prayer For President Trump — The Daily Messenger (mirror)


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Lord, send twelve legions of angels to encamp about President Trump, to protect him from his enemies, and to thwart their evil plans.

via A Prayer For President Trump — The Daily Messenger (mirror)

20180922-1918. It’s much easier to press the ‘Reblog’ button located towards the end of each WordPress weblog post, as I’m doing here with your weblog post. In addition, which is NOT necessary, I took the extra step to edit the ‘reblogged’ contents by streamlining the ‘block quote’ (in the way I like it because I’m a control freak) via the HTML edit posting mode and then to add the ‘link‘ by highlighting weblogger CH.

Whenever someone shares a WordPress weblog post, the admin can always have that ‘Reblog’ moderated and removed from the ‘Approved’ list and into the ‘Pending’ list or deleted outright, as I have done to certain Comments – as requested per basis by the Comment-tator, which rhymes with poe-tater or Nater. Sorry, that’s what happens when creepy trolls, err, fan-based girls remember old stuff from ‘way back”.)

Also, I would imagine that such prayer would be useful for anyone in need of such encampments.

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