Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now! My pdf files have either disappeared from MacBook Pro or is NOT syncing with my two iPads! WTF? Is this why ‘artificial intelligence’ is so evil! Evil Kitty agrees! Scratch! Hiss!

Anyway, my MacBook Pro is my primary computer. I already have my scanned pdf files for music uploaded in the iCloud Drive and for iBook app. So whenever I make changes via the iBook app in MacBook Pro, the crap does NOT sync with the iBook app on my two iPads!

So the quick work around is to DELETE the iBook apps from the two iPads where the pdf files are NOT syncing; reinstall the offending crap; and then wait until the entire crapload of pdf files reappear into their respective Library ‘Collections’. Voila!

I’ve been requested to accompany the remaining choir members this Thursday evening and needed to practice. So I use my 12.9 inch iPad Pro as my ‘binder’ of main music sheet. I had to create a new ‘Collection’ called SVP Rehearsals; so I wouldn’t have to hunt down the three-weeks of practice music lined up.

See? This is what happens to under and unemployed fools like me! Instead of volunteering for NO payment; I could have been working FULL-TIME in real jobs. I could have been spending my money the way I want. But no! I’m being used like a sock puppet in this community!

That’s the whole scam of any or religious organizations. They put stuff into humans brain and repeat stuff over and over again and make them believe that they are doing something for their souls and their community; when in actuality they aren’t really do much.

I cannot word my thoughts correctly, but boy I can’t wait until SHTF! Maybe that would explain the lack of enthusiasm and participation because we all know we will be going back as dust and ashes. Once again, the vision of love is VERY real – as heaven on earth.

I cannot explain clearly but all these social media including blogging is only a distraction of individual truths. I’m blogging because I wanna make noise and one of the noise is technology and government with VERY advanced technology.

Anyway, for y’all who have read my OLD weblog posts, which are still sitting somewhere, there are stuff that might seem farfetched. But unless y’all actually bear witness and testify to the spiritual truth that there is something else messing humans up, then y’all will continue to gnash your fangs and foam at the gullets with mainstream media.

TPTB and pals are assholes, period. I don’t know for what purpose other than cruel teachings to boot. So I’m stuck being a musician, unprofessional and unpaid. WTF! I’m the one using Dad’s funds to ‘get a life’ by donating back into these organizations, just so I could have something to add to my repertoire and to fill my empty time slots.

It’s NOT healthy and it’s NOT getting me anywhere. After only working one-fifth of my chronological years as a human female, I do NOT know how I could make up for lost times being a freeloader and doing stuff for free. My current reality while stuck on this hellish planet is so freaking convoluted.

I’m sick and tired of ranting and I really should be a positive member of society and stick to blogging about pretty stuff such as animal rescues of kittens and puppies and posing with the abnormals of society, just to portray compassion and kindness. OMG! This is so unreal!

Yeah, I’m done. I’ll have to practice for whatever it’s work. And cutting my long fingernails would ruin my cuticles as I’ve noticed that filing is taking longer than cutting but is less damaging. I think maybe my fingernails have feelings because it thrives better when long but it’s difficult to type on the laptop and play on the keyboard.

WTF does this dimension operate on opposites as exemplified in the above scenario? I wanna earn money, yet I thrive on ‘giving back’ by practicing music. I wanna live on my own, but get to drive two remaining cars. I wanna travel but have to take care of three parakeets and and old fart. I wanna hike but my feel have bone protrusion problems and  my sprained right ankle is feeling sore again after hyperextending it while trying out my new pink hiking shoes.

I freaking give up! While I’d like to fight back and win fairness and justice, this society puts up with the crazy and stupid degenerates who suck up the public funds to produce more ungrateful degenerates who do nothing productive but make rioting noise, play online games, and other nonsense not involving infrastructure and improvements.

I’m done for now. The weather is sunny and bright and as usual Dad and I visited Mom’s grave, lighted two HUGE scented candles, said quick prayers, and left after dusting off our shoe covers and spraying ourselves with water diluted with rock salts. That’s for added protection so cooties won’t follow us home from the grave. I have to remember to spray down after hiking, when and if I ever need to prove that I’ll be healthy with this sort of lifestyle.


Flynn B pissed off again.

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