I think number three has some Filipino stuff. Y’all owe the Pinoys for that stuff.

Now for my off-topic incoming thoughts:

Regarding the guy that I have in my small mind. If y’all have anything to do or don’t with government stuff, I’m NOT afraid but more annoyed that I’m NOT receiving clear answers.

And yesterday en route homebound after visiting Mom, lighting two fragrant candles that made me choke up with severe coughing a few days ago, saying the usual small prayers, and conversing about past and upcoming errands, I was followed by a dark SUV with skinny horizontal orange front flashing lights, which turned off and backed off after I lifted my eyebrows in succession as my usual acknowledgement of ‘their’ presence. Another dark SUV followed us en route to Mom after choir mass earlier.

You idiots don’t understand why I wear those blue hospital masks while visiting Mom. I’m still trying to heal from severe allergic reactions to inhaling chemtrails-laden grasses, ragweeds, weeds, dust, molds, and other outdoor air full of cooties. I’m still getting itchy, watery eyeballs, by the way!

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