Dear diary,

I’m up late again! It’s way past my bedtime, which is never because I think I may be going through menopause. And my two paternal aunties were talking about their ages when they got their menopause – Malouse at 49 and Maldeath at 52. And they mentioned that insomnia occurred for both of them! Welp, that’s the end for me and I do NOT wanna lose my hormones and suffer osteoporosis and such! OMG!

Anyway, last night’s local church choir went well. I was invited to accompany the choir on an electric piano: Yamaha Digital Piano Model YDP-223. I took four photos and managed to see the label and its Serial Number, too! I’m smart! The reason is to download an appendix listing the ‘Tone List’. I think I’ll print out the fools a copy for the other singing groups.

So Dad joined the choir last night. He reported to me that he and Chuck had a difficult time thumbing through the pages of music and had to ask Joe for copies. As a result, I’ve decided to provide to the twosome my Apple tablets – 9.7″ for Chuck and 12.09″ for Dad. They both are lost! Dad said the ORIGINAL choir conductor is the oldest and that he is now the second oldest member of the choir.

Dad was proud that I accompanied the choir. I was fine with the simple hymnal versions. But I struggled with the former conductors copies, which are more geared towards LOUDNESS and performance versus the traditional choral in Latin. And so I had to keep my face as paralyzed as possible because these humanz can be very sensitive to motion and especially sounds for musicians.

The would-be soprano has a LOUD opera voice and a Filipino alto singer was having fun mimicing the old woman because her TEENAGE daughter can do better with musical stage performances. I noticed afterwards the ORIGINAL choir conductor looked, I don’t know, unresponsive and not smiling, almost pissed that a minority did such a vile thing as volunteer her piano talent. Did I fail her? Brouhaha. Old farts. Be gone!

And so in a vain attempt to put together the DIGITAL music pieces together for my Dad and/or his new buddy Chuck, I ran into many stumbling blocks. First the files in the iBook for iPad do NOT sync on this macOS, whic isn’t 10.14, but a Version 10.13.6! WTF!

And so per my recent weblog, I shared a temporary workaround of deleting the iBook app from the iPad and reinstalling each time I would move, add, delete, and edit files and/or folders within the iBook app for macOS.

But something didn’t sync and so I uninstalled the app from the iPad. I’m tempted to delete all .pdf files from the macOS but that’s gonna mess up .pdf files for the iPad Pro 12.9″, which is primarily for housing ALL my music!

And because I’m slow and since the macOS Apple Store did NOT carry the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, I was forced to use my small brain and download the software. This would be probably the third outside vendor to the macOS App Store.

The current time is 0249 and I’m feeling sleepy after eating two HUGE chocolate chip cookies, followed by a half glass of GO-AT milk, which one must shake well before usage due to cheesy chunks that need to be blended or at least liquefied a bit.

And because the twosome will use my two iPads, assuming they do NOT mind my meddling, I tried to resurrect the Nook HD+. But the Adobe Acrobat Reader could NOT connect to the internet. And one of the iPad does NOT have a cellular plan in case the WiFi signals are weak. As a result, I had to also resurrect the AT&T ZTE K88, which runs on an Android platform! Honestly, I still prefer the Android (the little roundish green guy) because it seems to handle stuff better than Apple.

Holy crap! I’m downloading the latest AT&T software update for this Android device. That’s how long ago I’ve NOT used the device. The only reason why I got two iPad is because of lighting speed of bringing up my music and that the 12.9″ would serve as Mom’s television away from home and my music book.

Overall, this ZTE K88 is still functional. But the Nook HD+ is barely hanging on to updates and functionalities. So yeah, I’ve got four and one-half tablets, two smart watches, one smart phone, and one laptop computer. Everything else is either unwanted or keepsake, meaning I’ve still a long way to donate or junk stuff that I do NOT use.

Okay, it’s almost 0300. It’s probably time to take a short nap, which is probably gonna be four hours! Oh, look! The Powered by Android (by AT&T) is booting up again. Nice. Toodles.


Flynn B gone to sleep! Be gone!

20180928-0324. I discovered that in order to access the Document Cloud via Adobe Acrobat Reader, there must be internet access! I turned off the WiFi and cellular and was hoping the stuff would behave as if viewing files from the Local folders. But no! I think I remember now that I wanted to save Local storage space because my files are so HUGE. Now I’ll end up uploading each file in bulks to the local drive – again in case the internet doesn’t work and for faster access, minus local storage disks space. Annoying but true! Volunteer gigs, including donations, messes me up!

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