Welp, I awoke to pee and that was four minutes after you uploaded your post! So that meant I’ve gotten at least one hour of sleep.

As for the MKULTRA mind control by the CIA, that may seem to be VERY real as I experienced yet again a very profound head pressure around the time after I published my previous post three hours ago.

I sat there feeling like my eyeballs were gonna pop outta my skull full of mushy stuff. The duration seemed longer than usual to about thirty seconds. I might have torqued my neck outta place when I straightened up after blogging.

So I sat on my chair and tidied up my workstation at home and warned you, err, them that y’all, err, they and their bosses will be sent to Sheol for trespassing against unto moi.

I don’t know what to do with “them” as they continue to test my patience. Then the head pressure stopped. And I went to bed only to awaken to another one of your disturbing weblog post.

Categories: flynnspaws

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