Dear diary,

Estimated time of arrival home was done. One hour of hiking ten kilometers was done from around 1403 to 1450.

I could hear my heart beat in my ears going uphill. Goin downhill, I felt pain inside my right knee until something snapped into place, followed by pain in the right hip – both of which could be referred pain from the strain inside my right ankle two years ago.

I’ll try to go weekly so Dad Squirrel won’t think I’m unhealthy. I forced myself to join and knew that Dad would be better than me because he exercises indoors every morning and by walking outdoors.

Actually by prayer and miracles, the aches and pains have been drowned out, for example, as if stubbing my toe doesn’t elicit flinching pain.

Something happened along the way. I don’t know. Maybe I was traumatized enough so that I’ve sustained desensitized feelings and detached myself from reality of this hellish planet.

So if someone or something suffers, I don’t feel anything. I actually would get pissed off at weakness. And though I’ve failed to keep pace with the group, Dad and I made it up and down with Dad Squirrel and his Twit Wifey.


Flynn B noticed that several spooks in vehicles would suddenly change their exit into our lane or slowly drift into our lane. Yup. And during my fries, burgers, and milkshake lunch with Dad, a mother and child came into the place and probably wanted something like food. I’m not going back to that location. Sheesh.

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