Yesterday, I got a chance to listen to El Rushbeau about this latest stuff in the morning over the radio airwaves. He played a sound bite of an actress who is taking on lots of heated criticism for portraying exactly how the fugly victim sounded over the microphone during the hearing – VERY innocent and uncertain like a wee child instead of sounding like a confident grown woman who has stood before many live audiences and lecturing as doctor of her discipline.

Early this morning, I read about Nephillims who had corrupted the FLESH of humanz and how God removed all corrupted FLESH of this hellish planet. I cannot recall exactly, but there might be suggestions that God is gonna smite all corrupted FLESH again, assuming that Satan is a still pursuing hybridization and probably my incoming thoughts include both testing illegally on humanz and animalz.

Once again, y’all gotta be careful about mocking a truth coming from all sorts of angles. If the fugly victim is playing as yet another bad actor, though such hired assets will be forgiven if they donate or forego the monetary income and whatnots, and repent for that sin of fulfilling the role as harsh teacher, y’all will have taught humanity and the affected batches, who might have encountered such situations in the past or present – a vital a commandment – thou shalt not bear false witness and thou shalt not covet fair women or their properties.

Yeah, so technically these bad actors cannot be sent to Sheol; although the corrupted Senators might if each soul does NOT assess an eternal fate, which is a VERY slong time’. And those who hire these bad actors can’t really go to Sheol either; not unless they truly wish to destroy a soul. Yup. Those were my incoming thoughts. 20181003-1006.

Further incoming thoughts indicate that God is still merciful but the warning goes – make it so that humanity isn’t too confused or corrupted as to why Jezebels are prone to destroying males, and why old stuff from ‘way back’ causes hurt feelings in the here and now, and how to resolve something that causes sin, which should have been forgiven or punished in a court of law long ago, and could have been avoided up front – like getting drunk and passing out. Duh!

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