Dear diary,

Things are winding down. Today, I could have called another charity place for donating my pillows and blankets. But Dad said we are in no hurry. But I am in a hurry as I would like stuff to BE GONE!

With regards to my suspicious nature, emails received regarding credit report online was my imagination and has nothing to do with the headhunters. My bad! That’s why it’s important to watch out for any of my incoming thoughts mentioned in this personal weblog because these would probably be ‘REVERSED’ in reality! I think with my new credit card line, the balance is being reported every month!

So now I’ll receive a courtesy email each month. But I noticed that the same information appeared twice on the credit reports dated 10/1 and 10/3. Why is the ‘Bank of Italy’ (it’s FORMER name) submitting two of the same numbers? You, you lousy ‘Bank of Italy’ in actuality owe me an explanation – big time, as if y’all didn’t know that what happened many slong years ago. To test your mechanisms.

Anyway, Dad and I didn’t do any errands today, except buy gasoline after visiting Mom and attending noontime mass. I did more rearranging of items to confuse Dad because items are now relocated to different parts of the house. I merely consolidated, vacuumed, and tidied the stuff.

The remaining stuff are old luggages, suitcases, and carry ons, baths and linens, blankets and pillows, kitchenware, and stuff from the garden and garage. The rest will be discarded or forfeited to whoever wants it – such as large furnishings. That’s it. Other than that, we’re saving up for our own death products and services. We’ve enjoyed whatever came our way in this life and now we don’t care anymore.

That’s why Das Squirrel is emphasizing that I must be healthy. And for what? To live longer while stuck on this hellish planet? No way! Go on living in your lies of debt and mortgages. But he invited me to go hiking again this weekend despite my right ankle, right knee, and now my left ankle bothering.

Nothing can seem to heal a broken heart, dry a tear, or repair a down-trodden spirit after all the crap witnessed by rebellious spirits, who for all I care can go to Sheol. Such arrogance. Such conceit. Such feigned happiness with distractions upon countless entrapments by temptations – left and right.

Anyway, whoo hooo! Yesterday, I’ve upgraded from macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 (my middle name and long stretch of road) to the new macOS Mojave Version 10.14. So now I could update my .pdf files of mostly sheet music within the iBook app for macOS and see the syncs within the iBook app for iPad!

However, I would have to temporarily ‘turn off’ the iCloud Drive for the iBook app for iPad, pause a few minutes, and then ‘turn on’ the damn iCloud Drive; so that the updates already made in the iBook app for macOS can sync properly across all freaking devices!

Well, mind y’all, yesterday, I sent my long-winded feedback to the goons at Apple.com using my real agent name and my primary email address. I asked them: Can y’all fix this stuff? So I’m guessing the recent newsworthy bug with certain iPhones NOT charging properly will be on their crappy list of things to fix!

Yeah, so to keep busy and sane, I’ve been blogging on WordPress, watching videos on YouTube, exercising on the ZAAZ whole body vibrating machine, taking care of the parakeets and annoying Dad to keep him from deep depression. He has the look of someone lost or just wearing down like everyone else. Freaking reptilian!

But with his help in chopping Chinese sausage and wetting down his sticky steamed white rice, I managed to make fried rice with OLD rubbery garlic, which I burned well with recycled oil from deep frying egg rolls! Then I cooked expired noodles with its included seasoned mix and cheese goo. Those were for lunch. For dinner, I deep fried firm tofu bought by the Twit Wifey and then rehydrated three small expired ‘hot and sour’ soup mixes.

With the aide of the antihistamine for two nights in a row, I was able to ‘be healed’! Alleluia! Amen! My itchy and scratchy left throat from continuous post nasal drippings were under enough control that I didn’t cough or gag during noontime mass. I was able to sing louder and match my voice to the pitch of the organ despite the young girl STILL singing off key and flat.

But later on in the afternoon as the fluffy puffy clouds of white against crispy clear blue skies gave way to extreme yellowish sunset and then dimness, I had an incoming thought to apply DG’s government grade zapper to my affected eyeballs, especially the right eyeball, which has been tearing up like what happened to Mom. I zapped while watching YouTube videos lying down and felt the painful jolts and stings in the hopes of eliminating the unwanted cooties from my eyeballs and beyond. This technique worked VERY well in the past. I believe the items would fall under a category called: orgone.

I believe I might have absorbed whatever karmic generational cooties from Mom; now that she has passed on. And I no longer believe prayers are working in my favor because crappy stuff still happens, like strange bloggers now following this weblog site and other outdoor agents stopped on the emergency lane and then taking off behind me upon my arrival.

That sort of annoying stuff happens as my daily bread, including Respondent still existing because I guess that’s they way the holder of this domain wants it. And yeah that’s life. Life with crazy and stupid humanz. I placed two HUGE pyramid behind the wall to our Smart Meter in the hopes of reducing the symptoms of Respondent.

Oh, oh! I knew I wasn’t gonna work, not even a temporary job! Because I’ve updated my ‘professional’ employment site ‘linking’ my contacts, who are supposed to be recruiters via the ‘linking’ app for iPhone.

This ‘linking’ app for iPhone has more features to ‘Let recruiters know you’re open.’ Below are the fields to ‘help’ them match the needs of the clients against my background skills and general preferences.

For my online image, I placed my Southpark avatar sporting a golden crucifix necklace, a pink cotton shirt, black hair, frown smile, wide face, and eye glasses.

For the ‘Status’ field, I entered ‘Not looking, but open to offers’ (meaning keep me on your file until I figure out if I really need to work because I don’t have much responsibilities, as long as daddy dearest is being looked after by the mean and nasty daughter).

For the ‘Start date’, I entered ‘Willing to wait for the right job’ (meaning keep me on you file until I call y’all because even if y’all call me, you’re forced to fill a position that NO ONE really wants!)

For the ‘What job titles are you interested in’ field, I entered Blogger, Volunteer, Unemployed, Singer, Retired, Accompanist, Minister of Music, etc. That means I’m doing fun stuff OUTSIDE of being a cubicle slave.

For the ‘Where would you like your net job to be located’ field, I entered one location in the SFBA, 45-minutes drive from home, and not even interested in remote and scary places.

For the ‘What type of jobs are you considering’ field, I entered Contract, Part-time, Volunteer, and definitely not full-time because my back hurts from sitting down long hours and not internship because I’m NOT smart!

For the ‘Which industries do you prefer’ field, I entered Performing Arts, Religious Institutions, Accounting, Music, Financial Services.

For the ‘What size company would you like to work for’ field, I entered 10 to 10,000+ employees. The first click would be self-employed.

And so hopefully the recruiters can see my public profile includes the two volunteer gigs in singing at two non-profit organizations. There’s NO money in volunteering, and at this rate, I can’t even help myself without income! I’m locked and loaded for life – a lousy life as a loser who worked hard and lost everything, considering that Dad wants to start singing, too! My god! WTF are y’all doing this to me?


Flynn B mildly amused at the daily life as a human.

1 thought on “20181003-2225-Stuff

  1. Too bad I don’t live close or I could take those bath and linens off your hands. Our bed linens are shabby after many long years of use, but yet we still use them. I did get a few larger towels a while back from JC Penney, as they were on sale for a great price.

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