Welp, it’s a cult! I can hear traces of Filipino words and see the face of Barry Obama from and by a former Gamblek. I see this is nothing more than a unit of pedophiles.

From the Biblical stories about fallen angels being ALL males corrupted by fair human females to the Islamic traditions about Warok masters losing knowledge and power by human females, I can see how easily humanz might have been influenced and manipulated over eons!

This concept is eerily similar to a blogger’s modernized MIGTOW in which females are to blame for the ills of mankind, especially that of males and more so in a liberal and progressive State of California?

Am I incorrect in this assessment? Are y’all insane? Is this another well kept secret akin to the Catholic Church and its kiddie pals, in which only MALES are allowed privileged access to secrets, knowledge, and power?

I’m finished with y’all!

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