Dear diary,

Though the Lawd Gawd has been cruel, his ways are fair and just. Tonight, only a few choir members showed up. Dad and I sat in the back most row. I plan on sitting behind Lito with Dad to my left and Jesse to his left. This is easier than babysitting both Chuck and Dad at the same time if both sat together.

Dad needed help pulling the music from my electronic tablet device which was turned up to full brightness because he has a difficult time reading the small notes. He needed turning the music pages!

Dad can’t sing or read music as I tried to hit the male voices and help Dad hit the notes too. But I soon realized that I could destroy my vocal cords! I’ll probably pretend to sing and mouth the words since I’m not used to singing the tenor section.

Now I rationalized that this the much needed break from singing! Since I do NOT like to sit next to the backstabbing traitors in the alto section, I get to hide with the guys! And since I cannot hit the low notes, I’ll just honk out a few notes within my vocal range of alto!

Afterwards, Dad chatted with the choir leader and another choir member. The choir leader told Dad that it doesn’t matter if he can sing or read notes but what matters most is his presence. Bullshit! I expect choir members to do both.

The reason for this lack of strictness could be because the church attendance is going down. My generation and the millennials do NOT care for church. The pastor is trying to increase the school attendance. And because no one seems to care, the choir leader didn’t make a big deal if the choir members can sing or read notes! That’s how bad it’s getting, I guess.

In realty, the parents should NOT spend on private schooling as each student results may vary! Y’all do NOT know how the kid will turn out! So save your money and send your brats to public schooling where they can learn to be STREET SMART! And save and spend or rather invest on their college tuition. Take advantage of the public system, period.

Anyway, it’s good that Herr Maestro allowed me into the group though I thought I could qualify by audition as a tenor. He said that I’m really a soprano, a section which is already filled up. So I got stuck with alto here and at church. I’m doing myself a disfavor by forcing my vocal cords to hit notes that’s not in my range.

So I really should just quit because I feel like the only black person in the alto section! The website has a display featuring last year’s gig. I’m on the far right hand corner and just behind the ‘right click’ next arrow! The only black guy is tall and he gets a clearer photo spread with his vocal section.

That’s why I wanna quit. These two gigs are just fillers, meaning there are no dedicated members who appreciate music, can sing, or read notes. I’m just a plug in the larger group because they need a DIVERSITY set of replacements for the older members who are old and dying. I’m also a plug in this church group which is down to two dozen from six dozen. That’s how bad it’s getting, I guess.

And so I quit. I quit being loud and happy. I quit hoping that I’ll get a job because I’d hate working with people, period. I’ll just support Dad until the day he dies and then quit. In his mind, he reverses his reality by projecting his support to me, when in fact it is his problem that he suddenly wanted to join the choir. Frucking hellish planet.


Flynn B blessed in some weird and twisted versions in favor of my rants, seriously. I cannot imagine how TPTB and pals are able to operate and shift reality in such a way to make my noise ‘go away’.

(Since I cannot seem to post my own comment, I would have to edit this post instead: 20181004-2351. Welp, I guess home schooling is the best alternative in educating children…)

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  1. The Public Fool System is a mind-control indoctrination center, and THAT is precisely why we are in the mess we’re in. They teach to Obey Obey, and discourage and squash anyone who would dare think for themselves.

    I HATED school, as did my daughter. So had Rob and I had children, they would have been home schooled, no doubt about it.

    The home schooled children I encountered were the most smart and polite that I’ve ever seen back in GA all those years ago.

    Any bad thing I ever learned was from PUBLIC SCHOOL!

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