Dear diary,

So while I’m listening to the ‘Live’ YouTube video by FoxNews of the Senate key procedural vote and the orators spewing education stuff, I’m gonna repeat my old nagging incoming thought.

Whatever is left of democracy and your souls, err, conscience, vote well, hope for the best, and may God have mercy on us all! Amen!

Respondent is my personal example of how crazy and stupid humanz can bear false witness against innocents. Under OATH (paid or not), that’s a felony for liars.

Remember, God can allow unkind stuff to happen. So while y’all are casting spells and binding demons, nothing can protect y’all from these angry disembodied spirits.

God might authorize a Third World War to get rid the remaining unwanted stuff by releasing these same disincarnate beings that you’ve summoned.


Flynn B ‘watching’ and hearing that y’all are NOT entirely hopeless or ‘fallen’.

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