Dear Lawd Gawd and pals,

First I would like to thank y’all for helping my family and moi. Second your insights via incoming thoughts is VERY useful. Third forgive me my sins of having evil thoughts and a potty mouth. Amen.

Anyway, for those into health and healing. I asked for guidance and knew I could ‘intervene’. For one freaking month and one-half month since Mom’s passing 8/8/18 15:08 (that’s four freaking numerical values of eight – a VERY auspicious even), my cold came on and off.

So after having my heavy menses slow TF down upon my request, which was really a rant unto y’all, my post nasal drippings seems to have stopped in the past few days! But this afternoon, my right eyeball seemed to continue to discharge something strange.

So I prayed and ranted as usual unto y’all and would receive those usual inspirational thoughts coming into my small mind. I visualized that there is some mucous material stuck inside the lower eyelid!

Despite using Mom’s technique of flushing the eyeballs by blinking several times into a tiny water-filled medicine cup in the past days or so, I still had mucous discharge coming outta my right eyeball.

And after receiving those VERY subtle images into my small mind, I immediately went to the oversized bathroom mirror, pulled down my lower right eyelid, saw my reddened conjunctiva, and man-handled, err, raked my right index finger along the reddened pink conjuctiva and scooped and pulled up a string of chemtrails, err, discharge materials, which were probably burned off from using DG’s government grade zapper a few days ago.

These would be the mucous stuff stuck INSIDE the lower eyelid. So for those who have non-stop watery eyeballs, make sure y’all wash your fingers VERY well, pull down your effected lower eyelids, study if there is mucous material swimming around the fleshy pinkish parts, and scoop it out with your finger or better cotten ear swab. Voila! No more runny, watery eyeballs!

And so my right eyeball is still slightly watery as the body SLOWLY heals naturally. I tried taking antihistamine in the hopes of ‘drying’ up the watery symptoms. But that did NOT work as the irritant happens to be the mucous gunk stuck inside the lower eyelid. I could tell the eyeball was trying to get rid of the gunk because I would be blinking some sort of oily film. I also man-handled, err, massage and squeezed the life outta my tear duct, which could probably be clogged with left over, burned off mucous materials!

And while Dad is mopping the entire lower flooring, I’ve drinking up the remaining eight disks of pure cocao from Davao via a choir member from last year. Eww! I opened a small can of coconut milk to add flavoring. But holy crap, there was no taste and I had to add the only sweetened stuff around the house – whitish granulated pure cane sugar.

We are almost finished vacuuming up expired foodstuff since Mom passed away. To ensure ‘safety’, I tend to overcook the foodstuff by over boiling and deep frying a long time. Yup.

Anyway, the setting sunshine has been strangely GOLDEN! I have the street-facing window opened to allow the cool autumn breeze aerate the smelly indoors of my luncheon cooking earlier – fried rice with Chinese sausage and lots of rubbery OLD garlic and half a HUGE onion. We no longer have garlic and onion. But now I stink and will shower down!

I was sweating a bit from vacuuming upstairs and downstairs after eating lunch of fried rice, boiled frozen okra veggies soup, two leftover DEEP FRIED chicken from ChowKing, and expired luncheon meatstuff. Today’s lunch was especially oily as I had to deep fry the garlic and onion and the luncheon meat.

Since y’all refuse to allow me to work even part-time and help with our bills and for the sake of a family of – I don’t know – three hands plus their handsome Dad and maybe another boy who’s somewhere out there maybe, I’ll feed my Dad crappy food.

And at the same time, we are able to loose weight. I’m still overweight and weight ten pounds more than Dad! WTF? Damn hormones! Damn menopause! Tomorrow, Das Squirrel, his Twit Wifey, my Dad and moi will probably go hiking locally as the trail is supposed to be easy.

After lunch I asked for guidance and scanned my incoming thoughts and figured I needed to relocate the OVERSUPPLY of toilet paper! I originally overstuffed the cabinet under the sink of three bathrooms with toilet paper but I needed to use the space for my daily junk.

So that’s where I vacuumed the empty drawers of my whitish furniture drawers, where I relocated the toilet paper, which I removed from its VERY stinky terpentine smelly plastic coverings a few weeks ago. Eventually, I vaccumed the furniture surfaces, especially Dad’s stuff. That man is dirty! So I’ll end up taking care of him. Sheesh.

So I also vaccumed the furniture and flooring for Dad to mop at his own pace. Today felt like a good day to do more chores. I’m gonna force myself to oversee the blankets, pillows, bath and linen and get those outta the house. I’d like to buy new stuff. Yup. It’s good for business and good to have matching stuff!

I hate the pillows that I recently bought! How TF is a customer supposed to know which pillow is comfortable buy shopping online? Impossible. That’s what happened. I shopped online. That’s why retail shopping is better in this case. I would have to feel the fluff and stiffness. The ones I bought were too mushy! OMG!

The old ones are much stiffer but I don’t have the time or care to find out if we have pillow cases to match. I’m too lazy and done with this household lifestyle. Everything seems to be winding down or grinding to a halt because I cannot seem to let go of memories. Sheesh. And I thought this would be an easy peasy process. Nope.

I think I may be the only stupid one who is crazy enough to care about recycling and donating stuff and buying refurbished items, in the hopes of saving a few bucks that should last a while until the next items comes up. But no! I sense no appreciation for my effort. But who cares? Yup.


Flynn B the fool who doesn’t take a hint because y’all are NOT straightforward or refuse to communicate in plain Ingrish.

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  1. Oh, I have trouble with my eyes too. Chronic blepharitis, is what it is called, I think. I actually have to boil water and put a tad of apple cider vinegar to splash in them to dissolve the bio-film gunky stuff. I also have to wash them with gentle soap like Miracle II soap, which doesn’t really burn, as it’s kinda like baby shampoo in a way. But less toxic. Gunk from chemtrails, fibers/floaters, eye critters from microscopic mites, or whatever. I also rub Neem oil and/or castor oil on the eyelids, and rub my body down with cedarwood essential oil. There’s oo much weird stuff happening with a lot of folks lately. I’m using the essential oils internally and externally to help dry up mucus and kill any possible candida, microbes, etc…

    I was able few $$ their way a couple of days ago. Would’ve been more, but my hubs needs a laptop for going on trips, etc… as sharing one is hard for both of us since so much online work to do. So next NCR trip, we’ll each have our own again. So got a good refurbished used Win 7 laptop, which another vaccine activist was selling, so it helped them out too.

    My NCR naturopath was pleased and amazed at the fascia blaster work we have done on myself, as the inches and weight loss is very noticeable now. She kept teasing me about my baggy pants and said I needed to buy new ones, which I did and wore better fitting ones the last day of the NCR series. Sure beats liposuction, as we have carved out the shape. Hehe. I guess I will send some of the bigger clothes to my daughter, I guess. We have cut our meals to pretty much once a day. A snack is all that is needed and it is a grapefruit or a smoothie, but only one full actual meal. We are going longer in between meals as in going into ketosis, and in turn our appetites have gone down. Also the Youngevity vitamins and minerals help in curbing our appetites as we are getting the needed vitamins/minerals we need. Been begging him for months to get us back on those.

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