Normally, I’d like to mind my own business and rant about my personal stuff because I’m basically bored. But during my down times, I browse my emails, scan and archive my paper items for ET and pals to review at their leisure, and read news.

Lo and behold, I do NOT like reading about bad stuff and when a journalist is lured and then killed, that’s NOT nice to end my night. I thought humanz would need to know current events – no matter how good, bad, and fugly. And so journalists would help to report stuff for us to read and learn. But no, y’all just have to kill them.

What are y’all trying to hide? Are y’all afraid of ET and pals? Really, what do y’all have to loose except the truth. Stuff will come out eventually. Have y’all solved the missing Interpol guy? I hope y’all really find out why this journalist had to disappear. Sheesh.

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