Dear diary,

A few minutes ago, I panicked! After the software update recently, I discovered that an app for scanning stuff would NOT work! I went to the main online support to download the drivers, firmwares, and any softwares. But there was no support for this recent update!

I really liked this HUGE bulky printer because it still works! So I wanted to find out if this piece of crap was able to at least print my stuff. Lo and behold, a little icon popped up and I could scan and print stuff. But since the main app for editing stuff is NOT compatible with the recent update, I’m limited to whatever settings are available.

Wow! I thought I would junk this one and buy a new printer. The ink cartridge is still functional and I’d hate to waste money on buying a new office equipment. I want to save my money, err, Dad’s money on buy my death products and services and at least buy replacement stuff as needed.

So I’ll have to periodically check back on the main website for support services and hopefully that editing app is available and compatible. In the meantime, I’m happy to have vacuumed most of the furniture and flooring and then taken care of the remaining paperwork, which is still piling up! Why is this hellish planet torturing me?

Anyway, I still have to vacuum my home office, which was Mom’s sewing room and now doubles as my digital electronic keyboard recording studio. I’m weird! So if y’all wanna give me a hard time, keep me under and unemployed! Then I’ll be happy to report to the Lawd Gawd that life is good and happy and yet sucked at the same time.


Flynn B was worried about the piling expenses after paying the fiscal year for Dad’s property tax in one lump sum, instead of two installment payments! If I could work part-time for the price of flipping burgers, I’d be peachy content. Brouhaha!

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