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Today Ars Technica had a news article called: Google+ Shutting Down After Data Leak Affecting 500000 Users. This is disappointing news on several fronts, I am disappointed in Google for not disclosing the data leak back when it happened, and I am disappointed with Google’s decision for Google+. RIP (rest in peace) Google+, and I think […]

via Google+ Shutting Down After Data Leak Affecting 500000 Users — John Jr’s Blog

20181008-1937. Thanks for sharing, John Jr! I visited the YouTube video and one commentator said that Google Plus is gonna be shut down next year. It’s a good thing that I do NOT really use Google Plus and have used my nickname for just this type of stuff happening without letting users know via a courtesy email at least.

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  1. You are welcome Flynn, and thank you.

    Did you see the video by Bloomberg Technology or the one that I had before that?

    I had just finished editing this post a minute or two before you posted this post. 😀

    Yeah, Ars Technica said: “Google plans to retire it to consumers. Over the next 10 months, it will be gradually phased out. Google will continue to make Google+ available to enterprise users.”.

    You are fortunate, I only used it with the Publicize option on, but I still think that Google should have kept it and just improved it and better promoted it (they basically gave up on it and left it to die a while ago).

    -John Jr


    • Hi, I viewed the first one and now the second YouTube video. Google didn’t want to announce this stuff back in March 2018! That is VERY disappointing as I’ve learned Facebook, Twitter, and now Google have been manipulating California towards liberal progressive stuff. I thought being conservative meant preserving stuff for the future generations. Anyway, I didn’t really use my Google Plus account except maybe share blog posts. I didn’t know how to use the service here at WordPress.

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