Dear diary,

I’ve been farting because of eating beans! And so I’ve also been shopping online for a fake tattoo arm sleeve that doubles as a UV protection while jogging and hiking, because my hairy forearms are blacker, err, darker than my paler Asian upper arms! I wanted to ‘try’ a fake arm tattoo before committing a sin, err, shelling out thousands of dollars on a permanent artwork, not a cheap patch of colors, on my fleshy humanized body, but something cohesive and uniform.

I’ve also been viewing weblog posts. And I came across my favorite blogger’s daily site and looked at my smartwatch and its customized “face” to include the lunar cycle. I can NOT tell if today is a new moon or what from the little moon icon. So I checked a religious calendar from our local church, and I saw that a dark moon occurred on or about Monday two days ago.

And so my thoughts are ranting again about how others summon others, who have already lost their forms and are already on the bottom-most rung of a hierarchy. For unto moi, that is cruel and unjust punishment. They should be left alone to reminisce about what could have been a better path or choice for eternity.

And so today was normal and didn’t accomplish anything except chat while watching Trump on YouTube. Yesterday I was working on labeling the sizes of both the fitted and flat sheets for donating and I’m taking it slow as Dad is blocking my ideas to buy new stuff.

And I cooked more fattening foodstuff – noodles. After I get rid of the wheat stuff, I’ll have to get rid of the rice stuff- dried rice noodle sticks. Easy stuff. I have to buy fresh ingredients, soak dry noodles, open cans of chicken broth and/or powdered broth, and chop up Dad’s fresh chayote squash vegetables. Boil and voila! Chicken soup stuff. Or rather noodles. Similar recipes.


Flynn B still overweight from cooking and eating more than energy requirements.

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