Dear diary,

I uploaded a YouTube video of my playing a simple Anime song a few minutes ago. I got carried away and accidentally deleted a previous video and then couldn’t record more videos because I don’t know how to edit my mistakes.

I really should get to sleep as I’m only working at least four hours tomorrow. The client cut back one day and so I get to do stuff for a fifty bucks after tax. That’s enough to cover buying stuff online. Sheesh.

I do NOT think I’ll ever return to work, considering that I’ve worked only one-fifth of workable hours in my lifetime. That’s the price for being spoiled. Dad said I didn’t have any children – a point he made to me yesterday and a few weeks ago.

Speaking of which Angelyne complained to Yesa that I didn’t have a life and didn’t hire a caregiver for Mom. Angie was abused by her reptilian mother. And so my first cousin doesn’t think straight. She divorced her first husband with whom she made three brats and re-married her first druggy husband when she was sixteen years old.

So mind y’all, when y’all complained unto moi, you got some screws loose in the brain. I’m recording this bit of information online, because Yesa my first cousin complained to me about Angie’s bad attitude towards Mom’s side of the family. Angie acts like she is above everyone else who is poor or not living the lime life like her reptilian mother at the expense of others.

And so yesterday, Das Squirrel sent me a text message at 0647 am that:

I had a dream last night; mom reached out to me and we embraced

So I’m predicting that our ancestors are gonna collect Das Squirrel within two years. One year ago or so after an uncle-in-law passed away, I told my paternal first cousin Shill that MoM would be next. So when I predict stuff, it’s weirdly uncanny. I told Dad to save money for the boy’s death products and services in case that might happen.

Do NOT doubt unto moi. The boy is saddened and is NOT taking well to Mom’s passing. I can see the pain across his face. Alas, I cannot do much as his Twit Wifey has NOT been and is NOT helping him grow. Instead, she simply goes along with his vices and says “it’s okay”.

Once again, there is NO advanced technology that would heal a broken heart or wipe away the saddened tears. Until death, do we part and hopefully in the after life, we shall meet again – along with previous families, friends, relatives, and spouses, too! Eww!


Flynb B sleeping with the night lights turned on!

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