Can a Catholic Marry a non-Catholic?

I like his insight, especially the part about how each party is supposed to HELP the other grow and NOT simply “be okay” with everything. I think that’s what happened to Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey – they married just to be married. They forgot about the children and the values of marriage. Damn liberal progressive ideals!

Anyway, the boy and I were NOT confirmed as Catholics. We both believe in God. I attend daily masses. He doesn’t like crowds or sitting on the hard wooden pews. So does this mean were both Protestants? I’m singing with both religious teachings. Why is this possible Lawd Gawd?

If so, is it okay that I got to be an associate with a couple of Masons – the thick guy from many slong years ago and that thin guy I requested to make stuff? I read somewhere that Catholics are forbidden or not allowed to be Masons. Am I a Freemason? I seem to be doing a lot of charity work, pro bono, and volunteerism without trying too hard – for free!

And I am learning stuff online that we outta entrust ourselves to God and say special prayers for manifestations!

Sometimes I doubt.

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