Dear diary,

I had yet another fruitless night and didn’t sleep well as I had only three hours of sleep.

As for phenomena experienced, I believe shadow walkers or whoever abound. At 0255 am, I felt a swift system shock while watching YouTube videos.

I saw straight ahead and outta the corner of my blurry right eyeball a horizontal distortion fly or zoomed from right to left, leaving me with the sensation of a spiritual sonic boom, or as reported in my OLD blog as system shocks or jolts.

Then a few minutes later outta the corner of my right eyeball and straight ahead I saw another slight distortion and felt another system jolt or shock only this time subtlety or slightly.

20181013-0720. I believe this might be the same or similar technology employed by the government or military for walking through walls or teleportation or dematerialization.

And then at around 0307 am, I was feeling sleepy from watching YouTube and decided to stop, turn off my phone, close my eyes, and pray for a restful night.

Suddenly, I felt an energy wave leave or fly away from inside to the right side of my bodily system. The entity had a very solid feel as the Catholic prayers helped to banish the entity.

20181012-0725. And so I’m reporting my phenomenal experiences as I was fully awake while watching YouTube videos and don’t do lucid dreams like other bloggers. That’s why I keep my online tracking and monitoring systems turned on for just such proofs.

I also blogged about other phenomenal stuff on my OLD blog and recalled a Southern Wine and Spirits temp job in Hayward where the branch location was shut down due to my complaint to health and safety conditions.

One time an accounts payable clerk was VERY disturbed as she suddenly got up from her chair and freaked out the young whitish mailroom clerk, who told the Filipino woman who had patchy whitish scars on both hands: What’s wrong with you?

That AP clerk didn’t like me and I didn’t like her as she reported my errors and complaint to my whitish client. Another shorter Filipino clerk didn’t like me as I didn’t answer her nosy question about how much I earned.

After I refused, she glared at me and wouldn’t talk with me. I believe both of them were Ilocanos as they were dark skinned varieties. That’s why I don’t like diversity. They’re crazy foreigners.

One time I was using the scanner across from her desk and users would usually have their backs turned towards her desk. I would stare her down each time as she didn’t talk or seem friendly.

One time, I was scanning stuff and minding my own business while standing up. Suddenly I felt a sold entity walk into my body. I might have a zapper buzzing inside my slack pocket.

I was still sick from that month of October with heavy flu-like symptoms of thick infected phlegm and runny watery eyeballs and post nasal drippings which were contracted earlier by yet another spiritual attack in solid bodily form entering me while attending mass at my local church.

I saw a vertical darkened figure the height slightly taller than me float towards me from my right field of vision. I INHALED its foul sulphuric odor into my lungs as I was drawing my breath to sing a note.

Since then I’ve gotten that severe coughing sickness that Mom’s endocrinologist experienced in which he broke his necks from severe coughing SPELLS.

He had to wear a neck brace for a long while because that was the season when I recall my favorite blogger posted an article about milk, dairy, and meat products.

That was a season when Das Squirrel reported to me that children went to the emergency rooms and his coworkers were coughing severely and throwing up too.

So I’m posting this bit of information here again because y’all still don’t believe unto moi. Do NOT doubt unto moi as those who know my evil thoughts and inner secrets are reality and NOT dreams.

These phenomena exists and so are my observations. That’s another reason why I assume why I cannot and shouldn’t work in places that deserve my anger and hatred, err, skills and talents.

I might be a carrier of spiritual cooties and when focused enough can manifest as either good or bad. So today I’m working a temp gig for at least four hours. I hope y’all pray for your health and safety. It’s not me y’all outta fear but the fear within that observes your stupidity and faithlessness.


Flynn B who will continue to strive these vile conditions of this hellish planets. And to my spooky agent followers, be aware y’all just didn’t need to read my stuff. Now that y’all did, pray for your souls.

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