Dear YouTube,

Please release the video under Fair Use ASAP! Dad and I finished another spaghetti dinner. And I’m ready to digest while watching stuff online.

YouTube blocked today’s Trump rally in Lebanon, Ohio because of a few seconds of TRUMP playing a music in the background while the two females were reporting.

I was working today and missed Trump’s hilarious stories. So please unblock the crap, so I can watch.


FLYNN B full of noodles. Yucky!

2 thoughts on “20181012-2130-Stuff

  1. Youtube and all these other tyrants need to just get over themselves already. It’s beyond ridiculous now. Oh because someone plays a song in the background which they probably already paid for via buying the CDs, etc.. II mean, I could go buy and pay the FULL price for a CD album, and just happen to play it in a background of me broadcasting and it’s a copyright violation?! Such BS!! It would NOT be a copyright violation, if I originally paid for the CD playing to begin with. Just saying and using this as an example.

    I am SO over ALL of it. As far as I’m concerned YT can just go away for good. YT copied my channel and made a duplicate separate profile for me and put it in a gaming section, and that’s why I’m getting all these random junkie robo gamer subscriptions. And it’s happening to others too.

    It going to end up going back to the old way of streaming videos, which links to a direct file with a simple HTML code embedded player on websites.

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    1. 20181013-1222. My incoming thoughts when I saw his video within one hour of posting the ridiculous reason for blocking the YouTube video was because TPTB and pals are trying to “save” them the trouble of broadcasting stuff inside and actually do outdoors interviews to find out what the audience thinks about the current state of the country, pressing issues, and other policies. By stepping outside, the viewers can see how the mainstream media isn’t showing the overflow. Yeah, basically, no one is interested in anything else such as opinions but they would rather see our Mister POTUS Trump. That’s all.


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