What if I claimed that I’m an Americanized Flip, straight, binarian, who identifies as a Christian?

Or what I confused y’all so more and claimed that I’m none of the above and never really existed but only in your minds as thought waves?

What I’m thinking is that we’re too focused on what triggers the five human senses and NOT using our common senses to help us figure out if attention seekers are wasting our time or teaching new tolerances.

I think that’s what happened in the old wars. A human space suit was chosen to live in a harsh environment full of societal norms and mores, and some astronauts were so fickle that they needed a change and so decided to break rank by turning everything upside down for fun!

That’s all. I like colors but I expected the drag dude to blend and accessorize better! Somehow the output of drag is too severe and I expected something more feminine or softer, not grinding like a lumberjack with a beard and in a tutu with blond curly locks m!

Categories: flynnspaws

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