Dear diary,

I am so proud of myself and the headhunter. Yesterday I worked a total of six hours doing manual labor with a more diverse group set and earned under eighty bucks! That should be enough to feed a family!

Alas, at this rate, that’s NOT an option as I oversee the household finances and do NOT like the lowered numbers. I’m used to seeing higher numbers monthly but not this time and this spoiled brat is concerned.

And so I’m still hopeful for part time work doing the fun stuff. I’ve got a call from a headhunter the other day and so far I’ve not received his email. He sounds new and young. Sheesh.

Anyway, Dad and I are still getting rid of stored food from the pantry. But for whatever reason, he’s being weird. He creepy mind wants to get rid of food by cooking in bulks. He doesn’t care if he eats the same damn food type for days!

He’s been a pest all his life and won’t mind his own business and go away. Tonight and since Mom passed away, I had to make the decision to allocate the frozen veggies and measure out what we would be eating each meal. That’s a good incentive to go on a diet and try restrictive foodstuff to exclude pork.

I think we’re done vacuuming up the expired foodstuff and have only either dried or canned foods. Dad really wants to empty everything out but we’re taking too slow. I guess I’m the problem because I can’t seem to let go of stuff that might come in handy later on.

So the other day we donated Dad’s old jackets – polyester down filled, cotton, two leather jackets, two trench coats, one tight blue suit, and other stuff. We only have luggages, dining and kitchen stuff to donate with clothes on our backs.

I’m still struggling with the bath and linens, blankets and pillows on the premise that they are still good for later on.


Flynn B good. I’ll forward stuff now ahead of receiving my stuff next week.

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  1. I’m still looking around locally for good deals on liens, meaning queen bed sheets, mostly fitted, but also sets too.

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