Okay, Okay! Fine! The YouTube video appeared on my Recommended list.

Like the thin whitish guy said in an old Comment, which I do NOT recall if I approved for publication, he said someone else and moi seems to be the only two people who are allowed to care and maintain a spiritual relationship with him because TPTB and pals are making life tumultuous for him and the boys.

Fine! Fine! I’ll forgo my birthday tattoo. I’m going for the sunny gold!

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  1. 20181028-2015. https://youtu.be/B0AN4hVYGfk

    OMG! I like this music video, too! The lyrics are nice, not knowing really who is the original song artist.

    Take out the political rhetorics, I see only two souls presented on the stage. The tempo is so beautiful. I don’t know why y’all have problems with presenters. I’ve grown weary of bashings.


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