One-hundred percent USDA Bovine Poopy.

Well, I don’t care because Dad and I dropped off our voting ballots. Come to think of it, I wonder if I can look up our “receipt” online and check it out votes were already counted ahead of the polling stations opening November 6.

Why do we vote? Because Dad and I have nothing else or better to do! We rationalized that we would sing with the church choir, attend daily mass, go grocery shopping for food, and cook our meals at home because dining out is expensive.

I got tired of eating WHEAT pasta and would rather cook RICE noodles instead of eating steam WHITE rice of which we have approximately four 15 pounds of rice bags to consume.

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  1. 20181029-0949. After pooping a few minutes ago, I checked online and our ballots were counted. Our ballots were mailed on 10/8 and we dropped off our ballots on 10/18 ten days later.


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