Dear humanz,

Must I ‘step-in’ or rather chime-in and share yet another incoming nagging thoughts? I guess so and here it is:

Do y’all remember what HRC said many slong years ago? I do NOT recollect if she was campaigning for herself or for someone else when she said the following to the effect that: “Our voices are NOT being heard”.

Welp, I remember! See? She understands the power of free speech and free press for ironing clothes and mainstream media. She has demonstrated that she and others like her species can say whatever they want. But y’all keep bashing each other – to NO effect.

Anyway, I expect the big tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo to allow these annoying voices to be heard; so that y’all can still profit from ‘sensationalism’ via your ads.

In as much as there might exist ‘fake news’ and ‘bad actors’, y’all are still required to crack down on the creatures found on ‘dark webs’. And this is for the health and safety on this hellish planet as it is in heaven.


Evil Kitty hisses.

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