Dear diary,

I’ve gotten a follow-up call from another headhunter. I think it’s the end of year season when hirings are done. Since my Dad and I are no longer celebrating these events, I have the time to clean up some more.

Then again, I still want my birthday tattoo. I was thinking of getting dark or black work done with first and then come back later to fill-in with colors, if necessary.

I do NOT care for images of animals, plants, or humanz on my tattoos. But I am thinking of a getting filigrees, scrolls, leaflets stylized from the Baroque period and such.

I like the curly look. Das Squirrel said his tribal tattoos look too bold on me and that I should get a Japanese full sleeve tattoo. I’m thinking of either a cap or half-sleeve tattoo.

I’m wanting balance, meaning a cohesive theme for both shoulders. But I do NOT seem anything beyond just the curly stuff.

I’m wanting to start out with black, white and blue/pink as my primary color choices. My research indicate that yellow doesn’t go well with fair skin. So really, I’ve got to make an appointment.

But I still live with Dad and he won’t like it. And my job might be conservative. But at least the tattoos are hidden.


Flynn B thuggish.

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