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The noble woman living in the castle is searching for another maiden to be her personal servant. Why does the maiden have to be a virgin? Where are the other maidens that entered the castle to serve? Their parents have not heard from them since. This time she inadvertently selected the Duke’s daughter; he sent […]

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20181030-1150. Off-topic thoughts only.

Ooo. A scary Halloween story with background history about taking a life for a life (similar to religious teachings of an eye for an eye – that sort of stuff).

If these bad creatures still do exists, then I would authorize their decapitation and burning, too. Off with their heads! Burn them good! That’s how to clean house.

Anyway, why is it that the LIFE of the LIVING must be maintained by the DEATH of the DYING? From slaughtering to harvesting, this is supposed to be the way while stuck on this hellish planet.

I do NOT like it. And there’s nothing that could be changed.

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