Dear Lawd Gawd,

I’m becoming or have always been a doubting Thomas. What can y’all do to convince humans that y’all are ‘real’? The articulate guy challenges unto moi to prove God exists.

Well, in an open forum discussion board that is Above my head and hits Below the belt from many slong years ago, I ‘proved’ to the spooks (who are of course alphabet soup agents) that God existed. How did you do that, Flynn?

Well, I stated that by simply discussing God or the mere mentioning of a God, means y’all have formed the embodiment or set forth a reality bubble containing a God.

See? I’m smart! And I did NOT have any formal training in quantum physics and such. And so in my small mind, God is a drop of water in a pond. And a God has expanded his existence as the ripple effect away and outward from his centermost being.

See? I’m smart and roll with it! It’s now 21:25 pm. And this has been my nagging thought when any ex-Satanist who challenges unto moi to prove the existence of a God. The mockery did NOT sit well unto moi. I do NOT know if such mockery is forgivable.

With that said, my incoming thoughts wish to address those who are agnostics and atheists. I do NOT know why y’all exist in my plane, realm, or reality. But I’m NOT impressed.

Y’all are simply sticking yourselves inside a ‘safe box’ labeled – “non-believers”. And I do NOT know why y’all wish to stray away from the Truth – That God exists. God, y’all are working up my small mind tonight!

Anyway, I’m still observing as an arm-chair philosopher without the formal education, of course. This is the best way of communicating what has been bugging me for a while.

I wish y’all good luck in re-educating my incoming thoughts.


Flynn B confused as to why y’all continue to your curious path as in ‘designer labels’.

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  1. Reminders like this are great messages from the Lawd God, that He exists…


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