That’s why God left “them” alone. That’s why God has left his hellish planet. That’s why I sensed “zero tolerance” this time. I sensed that God was being loving and merciful. But I’ve been sensing that his patience is wearing thin.

And after hearing the recent sounds of an embedded video which was completely blurred out last night, that YouTube experience might have been yet another trigger that Sheol shall be upon these evil ones. The sins abound. The sinners refuse to repent. It’s Sheol time!

I’m disappointed the MAGA cannot seem to manifest into my reality because I’m still under and unemployed. My spirit isn’t troubled and if I can help it, I would NOT want your spirit to be troubled, too. Though I’m going deaf and blind, I don’t want to go into complete darkness for eternity.

Tonight, a choir member tried talking to me with my church choir leader nearby. I couldn’t hear her and smiled. Then the church choir leader took over the conversation and I left the twosome to talk while I threw away my sugar candy which lunged outta my mouth earlier.

And so I busied myself with the email of tonight’s choir conductor and made notes into my music books to reflect the contents of his email to the choir members. I’m NOT a social person and since I’m tone deaf, I cannot converse properly and as such do NOT socialize well. I might as well quit because it’s too difficult for me to mingle.


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