As I’ve said, I’m surrounded by disobedient souls who have “free will” to mess up everyone, including themselves!

Anyway, for the past hour or so and within the last thirty minutes of messing my swirling poached eggs directly into boiling water with the failure of an silicon egg poacher, I had my nagging incoming thoughts about why there are many “unheard voices”.

It’s because most fail to vote. Das Squirrel did NOT vote on Election Day because he did NOT wanna lose three hours of pay time. I find that a VERY lame excuse when he could vote by mail.

And based on the online election results, it’s the same delay tactic to show DemonCraps leading in the State of California, which is mostly liberals and progressives who probably take weed to mess up their minds.

I’m sick and tired of this “free will”, knowing that there can be nothing to stop the worst offenders of God’s creation.

So last night I made the point that everyone is gonna work hard for salvation because we are less than perfect and not worthy as Jesus Christ to enter into the kingdom of God’s heavens.

And Das Squirrel was sending text messages to whoever agent about why he isn’t worthy to see his mommy and why God took away his mommy and why his Catholic faith instill the wasted time and effort to effect money-making salvations.

Yup. The free will to mess up humanz is probably gonna have to end.

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