So in my incoming thoughts a few hour ago, I noticed that Team Red might have two-thirds stuff – executive, senate, judiciary branches; while Team Blue might have the one-third per the current online registrar of voters coming in at around one-third, with the two-third NOT voting.

So did Team Red loose or is there still this alleged ‘bi-partisan’ stuff going on? Will stuff get done with this spread?

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  1. Please stand up, ask only one question, and sit back down. Thank you and MAGA!


  2. Libtard tears overflowing from too much MAGA! Wow! My internet connection was paused! Too much control!


  3. 20181107-1026. Based on four YouTube videos, FoxNews is LIVE, followed by CPAN and or SkyNet with NNN being last. I guess that’s why there exist fake news because of the lag in air broadcast transmissions or delayed timing behind actual LIVE stream events.


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