Okay, now that y’all have identified the problem states, I’d like for y’all to provide to me a comprehensive demographic representation of humanz based on their Race, Creed, and Color. If not, y’all are prejudice or discriminating against my requested truth seeking efforts. Include also if mandatory vaccination and other liberal and progressive stuff might have contributed to the hate energy.

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  1. Wow, California is at the top of the list. Georgia is at number 40, which is where I grew up. Hated it and left that state. Bunch of gangs. And a coven of witches after my daughter. Moved to FL, but stupid crap happening there too, so we moved clear across the country.

    Speaking of mandatory vaccination, California is totally screwed since Senator Richard “Dickhead” Pan won. Eric Frame was the opponent, and lost, and Eric is for medical freedom. Either the votes really DO NOT count, or too many pro-vax devils in CA.

    People are leaving in droves, because next they’ll come after homeschoolers and then the adults of the entire population. Called the Healthy People 2020 Initiative. I have a yountube video about that, from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

    See my post here:

    Trumpy Cat needs to put his paw down and clean up CA.


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