Hilarious! And I expect YouTube NOT to take away my humor and fun while stuck inside this old house as an under and unemployed loser! I need my daily dose of commentary because I’m bored.

Alas, I believe these fallen angels have been coming down from the high heavens as males and landing upon this hellish planet to lust after the image of women as trannies!

The cat eyes are always squinting and look alien to me. I can definitely see the the thick brow ridges and deep-set eyeballs found on males. And well, I don’t know about the hair, clothing, and makeup to disguise these six foot giant females.

I often did wonder about long necks and the Adam’s apples found on human females. I can still see the HUGE man hands and the straight torso lacking hips and curves!

I guess we should be careful about what we see and NOT be hasty to judge these alien creatures, though I think they are deceiving humanz and that’s evil and a sin.

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