Dear diary,

I do NOT know why I had to invest in electronics, which is mostly computers. But it’s worth some hard earned pennies. I was thinking of saving money by purchasing refurbished and open-boxed items. Those still work for me.

But for whatever reason, I thought purchasing a separate 10-key item would compliment my laptop keyboard. Nope! I ended up buying a Logitech K750 SOLAR for Mac – Ultra-slim and solar powered keyboard.

It’s powered by light. And thank goodness the two eye aching LED lightbulbs above and behind my head is strong enough to power this keyboard! It’s ultra-slim yet has enough plastic to feel weighted or heavy in the hands.

It’s quiet comfortable typing doesn’t have that clicking clack sound of mechanical keyboard, yet has enough space in between my HUGE fingertips.

I sorely missed the full 10-key pad on the right and its layout is normal for fast keying! I now have the buttons for home, end, page up, and page down, and the arrows for up, down, left, and right!

There are fifteen freaking function keys! The adjustment buttons for both sound and brightness work! I have the two delete buttons – forward and back! The color is whitish and gray! I love it!

I’m NOT gonna stop spending. That’s how we are supposed to MAGA! We are NOT supposed to hoard our hard earned pennies. We are supposed to spend, spend, spend for ourselves!

I now know the power and joy of spending. All my life I was worried about every penny and worrying about other ingrates who like to twist tales and make things seem worse than MY REALITY!

It’s 20181111-2318 and typing my date-timestamp is a breeze! Now I must excuse myself and poop some smelly onions, which is supposed to ward off the telepaths, err, psychics, err, demons, err, evil spirits, err, whatever.


Flynn B happy NOT to type using the stupid laptop keyboard. The laptop is closed, yet the external monitor is turned on!

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