Forget ethics. When y’all wanna find answers from suspected terrorists, y’all can give them this truth serum.

For example, I can tell that Respondent tends to ‘tell the truth’ during her LOUD episodes. Though she cannot help herself, it’s the truth and the whole truth. She has revealed unimpressionable stuff and so y’all might be safe to gander that the answers from and by suspected terrorists won’t be much evidence, though y’all must record all responses.

Sometimes, I think that using this stuff in ALL courts of law will help to reduce UNCERTAINTY and stuff that might be ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. This stuff might help speed up the justice system, too!

Y’all have my go signal to use truth serums. Anyway, y’all can now hire your lawyers and writers to draft up protocols to handle all sorts of stuff from administerings to withdrawals. OMG! This would be a hoot!

OMG! If y’all wanna mess with humanz, why NOT spray the stuff overhead in certain districts and let’s see how far along these ‘domesticated’ humanz have behaved. I can ‘see’ scenarios where couples would say ‘I love you’ after inhaling the stuff and that feels good to my imagination knowing that they are telling the truth.

Heck, if smoking some weed will make humanz laugh uncontrollably, then why not try the truth serum for observable purposes. I’m sure this won’t hurt your ethics one bit!

Tell the truth or else face the consequences! Err, no! I cannot because of national security. Wait, okay! I cannot tell a lie. I cannot help myself. Here goes. Hehe.

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