Okay, I don’t know the whole picture or if the aunt was being a paranoid bitch. But if the uncle hasn’t harmed anyone, why would a family member seek an ERPO in the first place?

And why would the uncle become irate? Did he have a chance to respond to the servings? I would be irate too if I didn’t know WTF was going on.

And the uncle shouldn’t pick up how gun in front of the officers. That was stupid. Well, he lost his life because the cops are already wired to deal with crazy humanz. Bad move on both parties

And my initial impression was a “gun grab”. Anyway humanz have the right to defend themselves. But from my observations, these gun owners are cowards.

Sorry but that’s the word. They have hidden fears that someone or something is gonna take away their stash. I don’t know how to word my thoughts correctly.

But I personally would leave the professional lawyers with guns to deal with the thugs. 2351. But then we need guns to help the cops because they can’t always defend us in the nick of time.

Wow! Y’all shot an innocent man to death. Man! I guess that’s how this hellish planet operates. Don’t take it too hard if we ALL end up shooting each other in error.

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