Celion Dion looks like a male! I’ve uploaded three FREE images showing HIS forehead sloping backwards. Females have flat vertical foreheads rising from small brow ridges, NOT sloping backwards like males, which have THICK wide brow ridges! Celion has a long angular horse face, too. HIS stick straight body is dangerously TOO thin for childbearing.

I never did like Celion. I couldn’t understand why I never did like Celion. Now I know why! I couldn’t understand why my paternal first cousins up in Hayward, Union City and Foster City like this tranny! Why can’t these dummies sense there is something wrong with what is NOT normal and grinding to the eyeballs?

That’s why HIS cloths line for children is Satanic – death cult skulls, black hole suns, pyramids, Freemasonry black and white, Baphomet pentagrams. So when these ALIENS are dressing their children as transgenders, that’s because these ALIENS are trannies! These ALIENS must hate humanz so much as to cause gender-fluid confusion. They must be stopped for deceiving humanity, period.

Something STRANGE Is Happening To Celine Dion (2018) by

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